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Student Loan Calculators

Dwight Said:

Are there any calculators out there that can predict how much someone will be eligible for for a student loan?

We Answered:

No need to use a calculator.
Federal Stafford loans are pretty cut and dry.
His income or EFC won't matter.

If he is an independent freshman, he can borrow up to 9,500 a year
Independent sophomores can borrow up to 10,500 a year,
Indenednent Jrs and Srs can borrow up to 12,000 a year (each year).

Choose a school less than this (per year) and he will be fine. Be aware that the quoted amounts are split in HALF for the year. So he would only get HALF of each amount for the fall and the other half for the spring. THey won't front ALL the money for the first semester.

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