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Student Loan Canada

Joseph Said:

Student Loan Canada - How to calculate?

We Answered:

The most basic calculation is the maximum weekly amount. The federal portion of your student loan maxes out at $210 per week of program for a single student with no dependents.

So if you are taking a 2 semester program and each semester is 17 weeks, you are in a 34 week program. Multiply 34 times 210 and that will give you the maximum that you are eligible for no matter what school you apply for.

There is another portion of your loan which comes from your province of residence. In Ontario, the provincial contribution would bring your total weekly maximum up to $350 per week or $11,900 for 2 semesters - again that is for a single student with no dependents. And of course, the determination of whether you get the maximum is going to depend on your assets and your incme and a number of other issues.

That's it. With the exception of some grants that have been announced new for the 2008-09 academic year that is the most you can hope to get from government student loans.

Marion Said:

Does my credit history affect my son getting a Canada Student loan?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Julian Said:

How can i get a student loan from Canada?

We Answered:

Many Banks, financial institutions, online lenders etc are ready to offer the loans for students. But students considering their precious time and finds easy to via online as it provides easy access than other source. There are a large number of requirements other than college or course fees. Some of the most crucial are computer expense, hostel charges, and books and so on. The best college student loans are one which comprises all such expenses. But, to qualify for any such one, you have to give it your best shot as far search is concerned. Such purpose can be accomplished by exploring World Wide Web. You will find an innumerable number of lenders offering college student loans.

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Mi said:

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