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Student Loan Center

Bill Said:

If you runaway out of the USA and hide so you dont Pay Student Loans, does FBI look for you everywhere?

We Answered:

Loans are merely a civil matter.
And if you leave the country and never come back, you're free and clear. However, liens against a person's credit can be renewed indefinitely, but after 8 years or more the creditors might eventually give up. If they don't, though, you'll be looking at a huge amount of accumulated interest fees.

Eileen Said:

Would I be able to get a student loan large enough to buy a new bassoon if I'm a music major?

We Answered:

Hi Meg-

I'm an oboe major in music school and I know just how you feel. I play on a customized Fox conservatory oboe myself and just like you- choke on the price of it.

Music major bills are already much higher than the normal major because you will be forced into 11-14 courses per semester, do 12+ hour classroom days Mon- Friday and be traveling almost every weekend doing shows, performances and what not all over the country (trust me) I live it every day. they are really strict on loans and what not with music majors because you'll have to do general education courses in the summer because there's no way you can do more than 1 a semester. (those 11-14 courses will all be music- ranging from theory, to piano, string methods, music history, music tech).

Another kicker is you have to audition AND pass to get into any music dept. Auditions- you have to play 2 pieces, sing, and pass vocal and rhythm tests- not to mention, as a performance major, you will get SLAMMED on judging because they except nothing less than perfect. If you fail, the schools will not let you take one music course (I auditioned all over the country, I know the system). You need to prove that you got in, are going and are accepted before anyone gives you large chunks of money.

A student loan isn't the way to do it. Apply for a lot of music scholarships (and if you're good, the dept will give you one- like I ended up with). Asking parents for help also wouldn't hurt.

Best of luck to you! I know how you feel

Chester Said:

I need to find a student loans center for undergraduates?

We Answered:

Fill out the FAFSA, it will get you signed up for the government Stafford loan and any grants your may qualify for.

As far as other loans you can call your college and see who they suggest. You can try Citi, Sallie Mae-I dont suggest them, but its easy to get a loan.

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