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Student Loan Companies

Sam Said:

What student loan companies are the best?

We Answered:

My husband went with nelnet. It's beens a good company to deal with and he got his money back fast. I think you can even go to

to apply online.

Lillie Said:

STUDENT LOAN QUESTION--- what are the best student loan companies and where will give me extra money?

We Answered:

Best is depending on what kind of loan you are applying for. Typically the school you go to has a list of banks that qualify for loans and you choose one to seek a loan from. Nowadays if you want a good loan with a relatively low interest rate you have to have decent credit along with a cosigner(s) who has good credit along with a decent income to credit ratio if you're applying for a student loan. There are many different kind of loans. Theres the standard private loan which typically requires a cosigner, plus loans, stafford loans and etc. What I suggest is to research a bit more on what kind of loan fits you best and what you can do to find a bank that offers the lowest interest rate for a federal student loan. good luck!

OH! and becareful about consolidating your loans like the gentlemen above me has offered to advertise. because when you do that, in most cases you have to start paying your loans immediately rather than after graduation!

Jay Said:

What are some legitimate private student loan companies left out there for someone with "fair" credit?

We Answered:

Have you tried Sallie Mae?

Right now a growing number of lenders are not participating in private student loans because of the economy.

Ashley Said:

With which private student loan companies have you had good experiences?

We Answered:

I have LOTS of loans with AES, American Educational Services. Although I'm unhappy with the amount I owe, I am happy that their service is great and the rates are reasonable.

As for a personal success story -- I'm able to pay them off if that's what you mean! If you're looking to take out this big loan, I would say just be sure it's for a degree or program that you're really interested in and will really help you. Education debt is good debt -- it actually boosts your credit score in some cases if you pay it on time -- and your education is yours forever.

Good luck!

Charlene Said:

Do you have to let student loan companies know what you are spending the loan on?

We Answered:

Student loans are sent to the school. Then in turn the school will send any additional funds either to you or return them to the lender as a refund. That is probably up to you. But no, student loan companies do not track what you use the money for. Once the school gives it to you it is your money, although it is supposed to be used for school and school related expenses..housing is included in that.

Paul Said:

Are there any student loan companies that lend to International students at foreign enrolled colleges?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US student loans and scholarships.

Erika Said:

What are the best student loan companies out there?

We Answered:

Go with the Federal Direct Student Loan program - it is a long from the government, not a bank. The interest rates are low and they have great repayment options.

And becareful, there are some people posting here trying to scam you!

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