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Student Loan Company

Maureen Said:

What private student loan company does not require a cosigner?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, even with excellent credit, if you aren't making a decent income as well, every bank may require a cosigner.

Without knowing if you are working and what you gross a year, I can't tell you which bank will give you a student loan. Did your parents apply for a Parent Plus loan? Are they willing to?

Sergio Said:

I want to get rid of my student loan company!?

We Answered:

do the same thing you would do if you thinking about a different car -- just shop for the best deal!!!

Andy Said:

What happens if the Student Loan Company don't find you five years after you graduated?

We Answered:

Did you borrow this money in good faith?
Did you promise to pay it back?

What you are proposing is a form of stealing.

Are you of admirable character? (Since you are thinking of breaking your promise to repay this loan, I think you lack character.)

It doesn't matter if they can find you. YOU have an obligation to find them and repay your loan.

If you don't, you are just sleaze.

Andrew Said:

when you get Fafsa do they send you the check or the student loan company?

We Answered:

FAFSA doesn't send anyone anything. It is simply the name of the federal application. When you fill it out, the Department of Education sends your information to the school. The school determines your eligibility and sometimes asks for further verification.

If you qualify for grants or loans, that money is sent to your school from the Department of Education to help pay for your costs. If there is extra, the extra is sent to you from your school.

Read this book, it will help.…

Alice Said:

Can a private student loan company garnish my wife's wages or property or cars?

We Answered:

Florida is not a community property state.
Anything that is in your wifes name is exempt, including her income.

You might check out the following links, the first is to Florida exemption statutes and the second has links for Florida laws and information……

Eva Said:

What student loan company has the lowest interest rate?

We Answered:

Federal loans are regulated by the government so all the rates are the same no matter what bank you take the loan from. Perkins loans are 5%. Stafford Loans are 6.8% and some of them the government pays the interest while you are in school. I'd stay away from any Private student loans, they are EVIL!
Good luck

Jo Said:

Can a student loan company prevent discharge of a guarantor based on the year in which the loan was made?

We Answered:

Consolidate the loan. Then it is a brand new loan. No more worries.

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