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Student Loan Consolidation Center

Christy Said:

What is the Best Student Loan Consolidation and possible incentives to sign up?

We Answered:

Usually there are not incentives beyond the amount of money you'll end up saving. Before you graduate you should have to undergo an "exit interview" for your loans, and they give you a lot of information there. If you don't want to wait that long, sometimes the financial institutions that you are borrowing from will have information, so try asking them directly.

The government also offers advice and services here:

Ron Said:

Student Loan Consolidation?

We Answered:

The interest charged per month will vary as per the number of days between each billing cycle. It will also vary because every time you are making a payment, you are reducing your principal, so this might be a good thing. The people at the loan servicing center are not doing a good job explaining this to you, but you sould know these fundamentals already. if not, read up about them.

Andre Said:

How do I find out if "Goal Financial student loan consolidation center is legitimate?

We Answered:

They are legit. My company services loans for them, so if you consolidate with them it would probably end up with my company.

Ray Said:

Why have certain questions I have posted been removed?

We Answered:

Your question(s) or answer(s) were removed from Yahoo Answers most likely because they were against the Community Guidelines or were illegal. Yahoo Answers staff removes answers and questions that violate the Community Guidelines or are illegal at regular intervals (they have an automated program that does this), and they manually check the removals over every once in a while.

Another reason why your question(s) or answer(s) got removed is because a "troll" reported it. This happens fairly often to people, especially when they ask questions in the P&S category. Just ignore it and move on if this happens. If you know who reported the question by chance (although this is highly unlikely), block that user.

Questions are also removed after 4 days of having no answers, or if someone votes "No Best Answer" for a question of yours.

You can always appeal questions or answers that are removed in violation of the Community Guidelines within a week of their removal, although you are most likely not going to win the appeal. Recently, though, many people have been fairly successful at appealing, so your appeals might be won.

Hope this helps :)

Claude Said:

Student Loan Consolidation?

We Answered:

I know what you mean

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