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Student Loan Consolidation Lenders

Joann Said:

Student loan consolidation - where to start?

We Answered:

Check the sites thoroughly. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.……

Randy Said:

Good student loan consolidation lenders?

We Answered:

I would talk to your current lender about what is offered. Some lenders have better deals if you do not consolidate. But if you do the most hassle free way is usually through your current lender. When you go through a third party it usually takes much longer to complete as the paperwork has to be sent back and forth between your current lender and your consolidating lender. Some of the more common benefits are a .25% rate reduction for setting up automatic withdrawal and a 1% interest rate reduction for making 36 (sometimes more, sometimes less) on time payments. A few will offer better than that, but not most. I would steer clear of the offers for a cash rebate after you make your first payment. If they offer this in conjunction with the other benefits than it may be worth it. But if that is all then it will save you more in the long run to go with the interest rate reduction. A lot of people will choose that because it seems like such a good deal, who wouldn't want cash up front?

But anyways, with 3rd party lenders I have seen some of them just now being finished when the person filled out the consolidation application in June of 2006. It doesn't always take that long, but it definitely can. Good luck!

Christian Said:

What lenders offer consolidation for student loans in California?

We Answered:

Private student loans consolidation will be the most effective way to really reduce your monthly loan payments. By consolidating all your private student loans into one easy loan, it simplifies the process of managing many loans.

By organizing your loans together, the stress of multiple payments will be replaced by one manageable solution. This in turn, effectively reduces your interest rate. Below are 5 reasons why you should go ahead with a private student loans consolidation...

1. Reduced monthly payments: A high percentile of these borrowers can decrease their monthly bills by further extending the repayment time period.

2. Better terms: Usually if you have an improved credit rating, you may negotiate for lower interest rates with the lenders. The borrower also has the right to apply individually or together with a credit-approved co-signer for these private student loan consolidations.…

3. Military & Residency deferment program: A grace period of 48 months for medical residents and up to 36 months for active military personnel is applicable by the graduate leverage private student loan consolidation program.

4. Long repayment time period: If the borrower is an undergraduate, he/she may receive up to 25 years for a repayment time period that offers one of the most minimal monthly payments. If the borrower is a graduate student, he may extend the maximum term by 5 additional years, making it a grand total of 30 years.

5. No prepayment fines: Every single payment that is found in excess of the scheduled payments will end up with the principal.

These private loans are not able to, technically-wise, be combined together with the federal student loans. The reason is mainly due to the significantly lower interest rates on the federal loans. Most of these private student loans rarely compete on the price, as it is merely the replacement of one or more loans with another. The biggest advantage is that you would only have to make a single payment every month (as opposed to several).

Richard Said:

Student loan consolidation question?

We Answered:

Having one leader giving you one bill is not the same as consolidation. When you took out the loans, most likely you took them out on a variable rate of interest, meaning that the FED can raise or lower the interest rates every six months to fit the economy... I believe now it's at around 5 something for student loans. When you consolidate them, you lock them into the current interest rate- and from then on out, they will remain at that rate. This is good if the rate is low, bad if the rate will drop. The rate drop drastically a few years ago and has steadly been going up. But when I graduated in 2000, it was as high as 8 percent.... it's probably in your best interest to consolidate now- but you may want to talk to some people.

Darren Said:

Student Loan consolidation?

We Answered:

I don't think that's allowed. Besides, interest rates have gone up and you'd probably lose out on the low locked-in rate you have.

One option might be moving one of you to the other's lender and making one payment for 2 accounts, but I still think they'd need separate payments each month.

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