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Student Loan Corporation

Renee Said:

Now that Sallie Mae is a private corporation, can bankruptcy be declared on student loans?

We Answered:

No. Bankruptcy can not be declared on any student loans. Federal or private.

Ana Said:

How can i get a student loan without a cosigner?

We Answered:

Sorry, bud. Most companies require it because you are a flight risk so to speak. If you leave the country and do not pay back your student loan, what does it matter to you? This way, they have someone to go after if you do not repay.

Almost all loan providers have this. Is there a reason you do not want ta co-signer? If you plan to repay, what's the difference? If it is pride, then the person co-signing will have to be someone you trust and then just let them know because you aren't a US citizen you need them.

You might check if your company provides pay advances for this service so you don't have to take out the loan.

I found a few loan providers online, you'll want to verify their repayment terms and that they aren't predatory lenders!

Good luck!

Erik Said:

Which is the best lender for a Subsidized stafford loan??

We Answered:

It wont really matter because they are federal loans - regulated by the government so the guidelines are the same as far as interest rates ect. In the end you will end up paying someone else for the loans - sallie mae directly or a different servicer but the most important thing to remember is it's will all be the same because it's federally regulated. The difference in how much you will pay depends on what the interest rates are when you go to pay it back. Someone that started repaying the loan in 2002 might have a 2.5% interest rate while someone that started repayment in 2004 will have a 3.5%. The servicer will not matter. TRUST ME

Jeanette Said:

Can you apply for a business loan under the corporation name?

We Answered:

Growing a business is a lot like raising a family. Initially all aspects of the children's lives revolve around the parents, but a gradual separation allows the children to one day stand alone. Business finances are a lot like that.

If you've been in business for a little while, you've probably already taken out at least one business loan. The initial business loan probably came from family members or friends and was used as seed money. They chose to make the loan because of their relationship with you and their confidence in your plan.

Clyde Said:

Can I discharge this student loan since they filed bankruptcy?

We Answered:

Doubtful. Another company will pick up TERI accounts. Think of it as more of an acquisition. They will in essence buy your loan from TERI at a discount and then you repay them at your same rate.

Melinda Said:

Are Video Games and Student Loans just ways to rob younger Americans?

We Answered:

This seems to be two different issues here.

Video games ARE time consuming, taking precious study-time away from students. Parents should strongly advise their children or teens that video games should be recreation. In other words, after all other essentials have been taken care of: chores and studying, THEN they can enjoy the video games.

As for student loans, they are a necessity for one's future. Without this money, the education would not be possible. Students and their parents should "shop" around, however, to find the best deals in rates, just as they would for loans for any other purpose.

Without the education, they will NOT be making that higher income for the rest of their lives. The student loans can be paid off in a reasonable amount of time if they don't slack off on their monthly payments.

So I guess you could say that student loans are a necessary "evil." :-)

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