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Student Loan Debt

Maureen Said:

What is the most that you have in student loan debt?

We Answered:

My husband has around $66,000 in just federal loan debt. With alternative loans he is up around $100,000. (He went to pharmacy school which is really expensive.) His montly payments for both are only $1,000. The lenders make payment arrangements with you if you can't pay the set amounts but they are usually incredibly reasonable amounts that are set up.

By the way, you aren't required to make payments if you're in grad school at least part time. You can request an in school deferrment and defer your payments until you leave grad school.

Roberto Said:

How do you go about consolidating PRIVATE student loan debt with a home mortgage?

We Answered:

There's a good article at eHow on steps to take to begin tackling your debt. Take a look at it:…
How to Stop Escalating Debt

It includes information on companies that can help you with debt consolidation and reduction.

You can also look here for tips on earning some extra cash online:…
How to make money on the internet, scam-free

Lastly, here's an interesting alternative to conventional lending...getting a "social networking" loan from Virgin Money (from the same folks who run Virgin Airlines):…
Social Loans from Virgin Money

Hope these help.

Brandon Said:

How does student loan debt affect my credit score?

We Answered:

As unfair as it seems, they do lower your score abit. I have a pretty good score, but my student loans have affected it negatively alittle bit. When I asked about it, its because its such a long loan. Like, Sallie Mae gives you 10 years to pay it off. Even though thats not bad because its in agreement with Sallie Mae & that is very normal for a student loan, it counts as "too long to pay off a debt" on a credit score which I think is crazy.

Shane Said:

Is student loan debt taken into consideration when a landlord approves a tenant for leasing an apartment?

We Answered:

As long as you're paying them on time, you shouldn't worry about it.

Any debts in default are shown on your credit report. If you've cleared them up and feel they should no longer be on your report, u need to contact the crediting bureau.

Vernon Said:

What is the fastest way to get rid of student loan debt?

We Answered:

OK so first of all always keep in mind that federal student loans are not bankruptable. So if you ever think of filing bankruptcy you still have to pay for those.

In order to attack this debt you first have to write out a budget and pay off your consumer debt on a "snowball method" which is you roll over the payments to the next step and add it to the minimum payment and that will add to the point it will be a big chunk of money to be applied to the student loan. But you have to really be diligent on getting this paid off. Otherwise it will take you forever.

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