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Student Loan Default Help

Peggy Said:

My student loan is in default. Is there any way I can get my tax return this year?

We Answered:

You first need to contact the agency the department of education has sent your defaulted loans to. If you are NOT to the point of scheduling a hearing to prevent wage garnishment you should be able to enter into a rehabilitation program. Once rehabilitation has been established and you are making payments to satisfy the default the collection agency will report to the department of education and prevent further offsets. However once wage garnishment begins nothing short of paying the entire balance will prevent future offsets and they will continue to garnish 15% of your take home pay until your debt is satisfied.

Sally Said:

Default student loan on credit report, can it prevent me from getting an apartment?

We Answered:

The first thing I would do is to get a copy of your credit report and call all the major companies to show that you haven't missed any payments in a while. Or, when you pay the fee to the landlor to check for you, ask for a copy.

Unfortunately, it is legally allowable for a landlord to deny an apartment rental to someone who does not meet the required credit score. But every one of them has a different practice...if you bring records of payments, you might be able to convince the landlord that you're not currently a risk, especially if you only sign a lease for six months, or pay month to month.

And yes, there is surely hope for you, you just need to keep looking. You can try this website for low income San Mateo County housing:

You might also want to try Project Sentinel, they usually deal wlith disputes, not really searches, but they also might be able to point you to some resources, especially if you explain your current situation:

Allison Said:

I have a student loan in default, how can I get financial help to go back to school?

We Answered:

Defaulting on a student loan makes you ineligible for any federal student aid, until you completely pay off the loan you default on.

You should be eligible for private student aid, such as private scholarships and private student loans. However, private student loans will be incredibly difficult for you to get since you've defaulted on a loan already, so scholarships are your only option. Check your school's financial aid office to see if they have a database of private scholarships - that's the safest, only true scam-free place to look for scholarships. These can be based on either need (you being low income) or merit (you having a previous high GPA, showing excellence in volunteer work or clubs or sports or whatnot).

You can also check the following site for private scholarships:
Or more general information on scholarships here:

Claude Said:

I have a defaulted student loan. Is there any help in getting it out of default?

We Answered:

contact your servicer/gaurantor about student loan rehabilitation. In the mean time call the US Dept of Education at 800-557-7392 and ask about the William D. Ford program... they consolidate defaulted student loans and offer affordable payments based on your income.

Tracy Said:

Student Loan Default and FHA loan - please read all before answering as it is a little complicated. Thanks!?

We Answered:

I used "Credit Solution" to settle my loans and improve my credit score.They managed to reduce my debt up to 58% .It's legitimate.I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition.Check it out here:

Donald Said:

Does anyone have any ideas how to get a Student loan out of default?

We Answered:

The best thing that you can do is call your Lender from your loan and talk to them about your situation and see what kind of a solution you can come up with. If they are not willing to help, then the next best thing is to somehow come up with the money that you owe and pay it off ASAP to get them off your back.

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