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Student Loan Finance Corporation

Daryl Said:

math questions please me out!!?

We Answered:

Try posting one question at a time. People don't like to do a whole assignment for others.

Diana Said:

Paying back $100,000+ student loans?

We Answered:

You have to start by first doing some personal finance homework, read the book the total money makeover by dave ramsey or his first book financial peace it will definitely help you get out of debt and create wealth the way our grandparents taught us, by living on less than we make. he also has a radio show which you can access through his website if you don't want to read.

With this much debt you do not buy a house you pay it off first, you will find your financial salvation if you read the book. You just have to live like a student for a little while longer.

I read the book and followed his teachings, saved up to $1K first then started paying off debt using the snowball method and now I am debt free, (saving for a house) and to the point that the bad economy is not affecting me at all.

Wish you the best.

Brent Said:

Do We Mind Taxes?

We Answered:

all i have to say is, look at the efficiency levels of the government.

now-do YOU want to pay more,,,,,really?

Diana Said:

Are Parent PLUS loans adjustable rate or fixed rate?

We Answered:

fixed interest rate of 8.5 percent for FFEL PLUS Loans and 7.9 percent for Direct PLUS`Loans.

Rita Said:

College Loan Corporation?

We Answered:

My suggestion to you is that you contact your states attorney generals office (found in your local phone book under state departments). It seems a little weird to me because I also tried to look it up and only found information about how to get a student loan with them and a couple sites indicating how well they were doing. Explain exactly what happened and the attorney generals office will get you the answers you need. My next suggestion is that you contact your school and ask them if they participate in the Direct Loan program, if they do I would apply for a Direct Loan. What will happen is Direct Loans will send x amount of dollars to the school (you can apply for the maximum Limit depending on if you are dependent or not and what year you are in college) then the school will send the money to you, if you still owe to the school the will deduct it from your refund. Even though your school is paid for you can still get a Direct Loan because you want to use it for school related expenses.

Arthur Said:

Is health care a humane endeavor in the USA or another fleecing opportunity for corporations?

We Answered:

Are you aware that health insurance is one of the least profitable industries in the US? Health insurance companies make between a 3% - 7% profit - before taxes.

Beer companies make an average profit of 25%.

BTW: "50%" profit increase sounds like a lot of money but when you do the math - it only equates to an increase of less than 3% to net profit.

Grace Said:

NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! consumer math 10 POINTS?

We Answered:

I will try to answer some of these -- May use A, B, C , D for the answers.
BTW --- a quick 10 points would be appreciated.

28) D. TransMeridian

29) A. Declined

30) A. Revolving

31) A. ??? Personal Income

32) B. Bartering

33) not sure

34) ?? C. Gold Standard

35) A. $934.24

36) C. Fair Issac Co

37) not sure

38) C. Housing

39) B. Productivity

40) A. ?????

41) D. All of the Above

42) C. Premium

43) A. Principle

44) D. All of the above

45) B. Student Loans

46) B An auto

47) B. Depreciation

48) D. ??? All of the above

49) B. Benefits

50) B. $436

Hope this helps.

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