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Student Loan Forgiveness Grants

Diane Said:

can somebody tell me what's going on with this news article or maybe summarize it? please?

We Answered:

These are the same goons that write our tax laws.
I can't explain either.

Praytell, what is descretionary income, of which 15% is mandatory payback?
How many individuals even know the meaning of "descretionary"?
It really means any left over income after "only necesseties of life are paid". Think about that.

This will garner votes in any event. It sounds good for 2008.

Jacqueline Said:

Sallie Mae and FORGIVENESS?

We Answered:

hahahah idk!! but keep on saying what u wanna say!

Cindy Said:

How to fight a creditor about an illegal school?

We Answered:

Let them take you to court then show up and explain to to Judge if they are not willing to listen.

DO not promise anything and DO not talk on the phone. It may be depending on the loan and even though it was for a student loan that is is not even collectible any longer.

Jordan Said:

What's the best way to get out of debt and restore credit?

We Answered:

Financial expert Dave Ramsey (… ) has a book called "The Total Money Makeover" that offers alot of good advice, but I must tell you, it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes dedication and discipline, but it is well worth it.

You could buy his book, but all of the main principles can be found in this free video:…

Rosemary Said:

Did Obama promise far more than he can deliver? Look at this list of promises?

We Answered:

Wow, I knew he was full of it, but I didn't realize how much.

Jimmie Said:

How does a military vet Find student loan forgiveness programs, or grants.?

We Answered:

As far as I know there is no program for Vets. The only thing you can dispute is if your military service interfered with the completition of the class. You should be able to set up a payments plan.

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