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Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Geraldine Said:

Student loan forgiveness programs?

We Answered:

Believe me, if you find one, please let me know. They are completely hard-nosed at Sallie Mae. And don't try to hide, as I've known students who have done that and they must put the CIA on it as they always get their student and late fees. I'm down to $12,000 and it has really been tough, as I could only pay the interest until I got a solid job. Even if you ask (for some good reason) to be given a few months off, they still make you pay the interest. They just add it on when you start up again. I started paying in 1998 on $20,000 and I'm at $12,000 now, 19 years later. Keep paying. Good luck.

Nelson Said:

Can anyone explain how student loan forgiveness programs work in relation to special ed. teachers?

We Answered:

When trying to get forgiveness for a student loan, if you enter the field of special education you must meet one of several criteria. First you must go into a field that traditionally has problems getting educators. You need to work at a school that is Title 1, or receives federally funding for most of its special courses. You can also work at a school that has low SES students or is in the inner city. You must work for at least three years for the school district. You also have to send in your forms as soon as you get an assignment in one of these areas and so you are only responsible for the interest during the time that you are teaching your three years.

Wendy Said:

What student loan forgiveness programs are available for teachers?

We Answered:

Try the following sites:
They don't list much for LA, but if I remember correctly it was something you should have signed up for while you were in school. In MO you have to sign a contract to get your student loans forgiven while you are in college. If you default on the contract (don't serve in low income schools, etc) the full amount of what the student loan would have been is added to your balance.

Robert C. Byrd Scholarship: This scholarship is a federally funded program awarded on the basis of merit. Its availability is contingent upon continued funding. Up to $1,500 per year is awarded, renewable for up to four years.

Marcus Said:

How can I find out about Student Loan forgiveness programs? Who usually qualifies for such a thing?

We Answered:

one of these will know if you are able to do that, or what you are able to do to help with your loans. some of these sites are dam good and packed with info.


MORE:………………… <-do search for ‘scholarships’………………




LOAN FORGIVENESS (nurses/teachers)………

STATUS of your student gov loan or aid:

if you don’t have a PIN yet (for your loan / aid status) apply for one:…


(if you find a scam report it here too)…






Lorraine Said:

Does anyone know of student loan forgiveness programs?

We Answered:

Yes, many states offer loan forgiveness programs if you go into teaching, either to teach in a critical shortage area (math, science, special ed and reading/ESOL) or sometimes they do it by geographical area (like agree to teach in a "D" school in the inner city, for example). Many people find teaching to be a rewarding career and most of the loan forgiveness programs do it in segments, like forgive $2500 for each year of teaching.

If you post your area we might be able to help more--what you got your degree in, etc.

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