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Student Loan Forgiveness

Darlene Said:

Does anyone have a list of school districts that offer student loan forgiveness?

We Answered:

Contact your student loan lender, they will know or point you to where you can look it up.

Jesse Said:

student loan forgiveness and government plant does it exist or not?

We Answered:

They allows people working in qualifying jobs to have federal loans forgiven if the borrowers are unable to repay their debt in 10 years of regular payments. Once you've made those 120 payments while employed in the right job, the remaining interest and principal are forgiven.

Keith Said:

I am looking for ways to get Student Loan Forgiveness Do you know how?

We Answered:

Here's one of the best kept student loan repayment secrets and employment benefits -- many employers will help pay off student loans as part of an employment incentive contract. Indeed, numerous employers, such as state agencies, colleges, hospitals, law firms, and law enforcement agencies in needy locations, provide student loan repayment standard salaries and benefits.

Most of the 'forgiveness' programs are actually payment options. Certain jobs, teachers for example, will reduce, but not eliminate the loan, or give you more time before the payment comes due. Lots of places advertise 'student loan forgiveness' but they are high interest loan companies that get the government off your back by paying your loan and then you have a lower payment, but you will pay back 3 times as much after interest rates.

Best way is to find a low cost loan and pay it off.

Speaking from experience, they DO NOT forget or give up. They got me years later. To be honest, I had forgotten about it, but I still had to pay up after all those years.

You can stay in school full time and then the due date is extended until you are out of course.

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