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Student Loan Info

Brittany Said:

tax info- forgot to fill state tax last year and forgot to include student loan info?

We Answered:

Go back and file 2007 for state now. There are forms on the state site. And no you cannot deduct 2007 interest in 2008. An amended return on Form 1040-X is required.

Howard Said:

Fafsa and student loan info?

We Answered:

If you just filed your fafsa, you were not applying for the current semester. You're already passed the current deadline. You won't receive a loan check. The loans will be disbursed to your school and they will keep it if you owe them money or if you're currently registered for the next semester and you have a bill. You will only get a refund from your loan check if more loan/financial aid money comes in and there is more of it than what you owe. You are probably looking at mid-January before you get anything.

Javier Said:

Do I Have to Bring My Student Loan Info to Basic Training?

We Answered:

No you don't need it and I hate to tell you..... your not going to be sitting around doing your bills just before turning the TV off drinking down the last of your cold beer before hitting the soft bed waiting for you!
Where the hell do you think your going????????

Tyrone Said:

Student Loan Info? please help.?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Earl Said:

Why did my tax return decrease when I put the student loan interest payment info in?

We Answered:

That shouldn't happen. You must be entering the wrong amount, or entering it in the wrong place.

Print out your return without the interest factored in, then enter the interest and print out the return again. Compare them line by line to see where the difference is.

The amount of interest you paid should be deducted from your overall income, which would mean you'll have to pay a slightly lower amount of tax. This should increase your refund slightly, not lower it dramatically.

Good luck tracking this down. Report back with added details if you think we can help figure things out.

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