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Student Loan Interest Calculator

Ricky Said:

Student loan compounding and capitalization laws or by vendor?

We Answered:

For federal loans and for most lenders you get a choice on how the interest is compounded.
If you choose to have it capitalized everything is deferred until after graduation.
If you chose to have interest compound over the course of the loan it will most likely compound monthly, this situation is use when students wish to pay the interest on their loan each month while in school and only want to defer the principle loan amount.

The loan calculators are a little simplistic, but they are not designed to give you exact amount, just to give you a estimation. Usually these calculators assume that interest is capitalized at the end of deferment. It is true that they don't have a place for months of deferment. I think this is because they generally use the length of the loan (typically 10years) including the deferment period to calculate total interest and monthly payments.

If you want to know specifics about your loan you should talk to the financial aid office or contact your lender.

Here are a few calculators that may help you………

Zachary Said:

Online calculator to compare paying off loans vs. credit cards?

We Answered:

Basically, you need a loan amortization calculator.

If you have access to Excel, the Microsoft web site has many free Excel templates that will do this.

Dolores Said:

Question about consolidating student loans?

We Answered:

You have to compare the annual interest cost of having the two separate loans versus the one loan at 5.5%. If you lower you interest costs then it obviously helps to consolidate into one loan.

Billie Said:

How are student loans dispersed for interest payments?

We Answered:

private loans will dispurse money to your school by semester, same as federal loans do. So if you borrow 10,000 for your freshman year, your school will get 5,000 for the fall semester and another 5,000 for the spring semester. If you have any money left over after your tuition and fees are paid, then the school will issue a financial aid refund about 30 days after the semester has started. Each year you go is a seperate loan with a seperate payment.

So if you borrow every year for four years, you will have four different loans with four different payments.

Casey Said:

How can I calculate my minimum monthly student loan payment?

We Answered:

Useful information at…

Barry Said:

Which is right for student loans?

We Answered:

I'm not sure which is RIGHT...but just be careful with student loans....ONLY take out just what you need each year for classes...don't take out extra. Get a part time job.

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