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Student Loan Lawyer

Bernard Said:

What will my rank be if I enlist in the military as a lawyer? Do any branches help pay for student loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Ian Said:

Should i still file bankruptcy even when i own a student loan is it worth it?

We Answered:

Do not file bankruptcy if you can possibly avoid it.
Yes, the filing clears off your credit report listing in seven years and general inquiries won't see it, but the record stays out there permanently. If you ever have to apply for financing in the future, the application will ask "Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?" and you must answer "Yes"
Bankruptcy is forever.

Student loans are backed by the US government so they are often exempt from bankruptcy and you are still required to pay them back. The student loan people go out of their way to make it easy to pay loans back. You can adjust your repayment terms yourself through their website any time you want.

Toni Said:

My pay is being garnished for a student loan.Now the bank is too because of a auto loan.Is this legal?

We Answered:

Do you have copies of the garnishment paperwork? Yes, it is legal for them to garnish your check and it is legal to have more than one garnishment. However, there is a limitation on the garnishment amount... Usually it is up to 25% of your disposable earnings; however it varies within state/federal laws. You should reference the paperwork for the garnishments to see what the maximum percentage was indicated.

Patricia Said:

What kind of lawyer can I talk to about my student loans?

We Answered:

here you go you can post your job then they'll post it to their lawyers who might or might not get back to you with a quote.
You then choose who to hire. It's a free service.

Vicki Said:

What is the best type of attorney to contact to talk about student loan debt?

We Answered:

Struggling with debt often leads to depression, anxiety and stress and can cause tension or arguments between you and your loved ones. It can be a very difficult time for people, and if it is not dealt with, can lead to some dire consequences. No one intends to get into the downward cycle of debt, and for many it can be be slow decent of borrowing just to make ends meet. Before you tackle debt and the cause of debt, here are a few things to consider.
Before you can tackle your debt and the associated worry and stress, you need to accept that it’s a problem. For many people, debt is something that creeps up on them, building up slowly over time. Your debt may have grown from being small and manageable into something that now feels like it’s totally out of your control, but now you need to accept that your debt is a problem. After you accept this, then you can now begin to tackle it.

Once you have accepted that your debt is a problem, it’s important that you talk to someone about it. By talking about your problem you share the burden of worry and help to reduce feelings of stress. Be open with your partner about your debt, it affects them too – both financially and emotionally. If you feel comfortable, talk to friends or family about your debt, but don’t worry if you feel like you can’t – it can be a difficult subject to bring up. The most important thing is to ensure you get professional debt advice from a debt counsellor who will hear you out and help you to deal with your situation.

The sooner you start dealing with your debt, the sooner the problem will be resolved. Your first steps should be:

* Get in touch with a debt organisation like the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or CCCS for free impartial advice.
* Stop ignoring bills and start speaking to your creditors – tell them that you are having problems, and that you are working to try and find a way through it. They will listen to your situation and advise you what you can do. Many will try and help you find a way to help you by reducing interest, change the term of loans and see the best way forward. Remember – it’s in their interests to help you pay them back.

Taking action also has the benefit of giving you a feeling of achievement, and you’ll soon start to see that your debt is a problem that you can overcome. So if you’re feeling as though your debt is a huge problem, or something you can’t deal with, remember that taking small steps will help to restore your confidence.

There are many different routes out of debt, and a few charities that can help you decide which option is best for you. the ones below won’t charge you for advice.

* National Debtline
* Consumer Credit Counselling Service
* Credit Action
* Citizens Advice Bureau

If you’ve been suffering with growing debts, you may also have felt some degree of stress, anxiety or even depression. The worries associated with being in debt are very natural and very common.

There are simple steps you can take to help you relax. It’s also important to remember that your debt is a problem that you will overcome, and that if you take action now, in a few years’ time your debt will seem like a distant memory.

Remember to:

* Eat well. A healthy, balanced diet will help your mind and body function.
* Exercise. Run around the park, hop on a bike – exercise doesn’t have to be expensive.
* Sleep. A good diet and regular exercise will help you sleep.
* Keep it all in perspective. Your debt is a problem that you are dealing with.

Your debt may be linked to your emotional or psychological needs. For many people, spending money is a way to boost their mood, to reward themselves or to make up for disappointments. For others, debt and depression become very connected, with debt fuelling depression which in turn fuels a desire to spend. For some, shopping is an addiction, which can be as difficult to stop as drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

If you know that your spending habits are affected by your emotional or psychological state, you may want to seek counselling. Speak to your GP, who may refer you to a counsellor.

Debt is a problem that you can solve. By taking the first steps towards tackling your debt, you will begin to feel less stressed and more in control. As your debt becomes manageable, remember to take care of yourself by eating well and exercising regularly. It may also be necessary to address the emotional or psychological scars of debt – but help is available.

Whatever your situation, remember that debt is just a problem that needs to be dealt with. You can and will overcome it, and come through the experience better.

Danny Said:

how to pay the student loan after car accident?

We Answered:

Hey i faced the same problem few years back.
I searched on net through out the day which helped me getting some good online finance providers.
They are quite good and they ask for some details which are to be filled and they provide you almost accurate quote for your car loan. The company was
You should also search online. You will surely get some tips for your query.

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