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Student Loan Lenders

Gail Said:

Are there any other student loan lenders like Astrive?

We Answered:

Sallie Mae student loans can be used for expenses such as rent.

Dorothy Said:

I'm looking for student lenders that would give me a loan to West Visayas State University?

We Answered:

I got a loan from a private loan provider to enable me study Business information tech am paying monthly for it i was referred by someone from yahoo answer, send them an email (

referral- Antony Gonzalez

Hope they help you

Darrell Said:

With the economy at its worst, what are student loan lenders doing about this?

We Answered:


Like all lenders, Sallie Mae is experiencing a higher-than-usual delinquency rate on the loans it originated, and on the loans that it services for other lenders.

In the 4th Quarter of 2008, SLM's 90-day delinquency rate rose to 2.6% of all outstanding loans.

I think some students have a tendency to forget what Sallie Mae is - the company is not a social service agency, or a government benefits program - it's a business.

Coca-cola doesn't give away free soft drinks to consumers because the economy is bad, and Allstate doesn't insure your car for free. Dell won't help you out with a free computer, and Starbucks isn't inviting everyone by for free lattes on Thursday afternoons.

Sallie Mae is a lender - a lender with shareholders. Their product happens to be loans. Like all other businesses, Sallie Mae needs to bring in money, and it needs to pay its employees, its shareholders and its overhead. Despite what people tend to think, Sallie Mae is NOT a profitable business - Sallie Mae lost $243.3 million in the 4th Quarter of 2008 - a dramatic improvement from losing $1.64 billion in the 4th quarter of 2007.

Like a bank - Sallie Mae takes investors' money and makes loans. They pay their investors back with the returns on their loans - and they take the repaid lending funds and make new loans available to additional students. When old borrowers don't pay, Sallie Mae loses money in two ways - they lose on the original loan, and they can't originate as many new loans.

I think you're looking at this a little simplistically. "Well, doesn't Sallie Mae know that we're all struggling out here, so I'm thinking that they should be cutting us all a break". Yes, the company knows that times are hard, and they're seeing that in operating losses and delinquencies. But if you're thinking that Sallie Mae can afford to be nice and cut everybody a little slack, and maybe forget about some of the money that people owe them, and give them a lot more time to repay - I'll ask again - are Toll Brothers giving away free houses? Can you stay at Hilton for free? Has Disney made Saturday nights half priced?

How is Sallie Mae any different?

Elsie Said:

Anyone know any good student loan lenders?

We Answered:

Try They allow you to apply for a federal stafford loan as well as a personal loan if you want to. I've found them to be pretty good at approving students for loans. If they don't work for you try searching the internet through google or ask jeeves.

Dolores Said:

Which student loan lenders don't require school certification?

We Answered:

There you go :……

Cindy Said:

Where would I find out student loan lenders that loan to non-degree seeking students?

We Answered:

The best place is to go through your schools fin aid office. To apply start by filling out the fafsa application at
also there's plenty of resources at…

Beatrice Said:

Sallie Mae Federal Student Loan Lenders?

We Answered:

Your child should apply for a Stafford loan in the late spring or early summer before heading off to college because processing the loan can take four to six weeks. When the school participates in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, you don't have to scout around for a lender -- the school's financial-aid office will tell you how to apply.

If you have an FFEL Stafford loan, you can choose your own lender. The interest rate and loan terms will be the same just about anywhere you go, although it's possible to find a lender offering slightly lower fees to attract more student-loan business. The differences aren't huge, so it doesn't pay to spend a lot of time shopping for a lender, but checking with a few might save you a little money down the road.

If you want to trim your child's costs in repayment, look for a lender that sells its student loans to Sallie Mae. The Student Loan Marketing Association, aka Sallie Mae, is the largest buyer of student loans on the secondary market (where banks sell their loans to raise additional money to lend). Sallie Mae owns about one-third of all student loans. In order to make its packages of student loans most appealing to investors, Sallie Mae offers incentives for student borrowers to repay on time, including:

* A one-fourth-percentage-point break for setting up automatic loan payments from a bank account, and

* A one-percentage-point break in the interest rate after you make four years of on-time payments, which is effortless with automatic debits.

The total savings on a $17,125 balance (the most a graduate who finishes in four years can borrow) over the standard ten-year term could be more than $1,700. To find a bank in your state that sells its loans to Sallie Mae, call 800-891-4595 for the free brochure "Borrowing for College." Or visit Sallie Mae's Web site.

Good Luck...

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