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Student Loan Options

Wayne Said:

What student loan options do i have?

We Answered:

This is a common problem for students these days. Stafford Loans max out far before tuition is paid for. Private student loans are your next best option. There is a bunch of companies out there so do some homework. You can find a comparison chart at…
I would personally recommend checking out:
Good Luck.

Daryl Said:

student loan options?

We Answered:

That is your responsibility. Lenders offer deferment and forbearance options, you should exhaust these options along with discounts for setting up monthly payment plans. That is the best thing the lender can do for you, but as you already know, deferment will only last for so long.. After it's over, it's up to you to pay this money back.

When you signed for the loans you agreed to the terms set out by the lender and you know that no matter what, you must pay this money back. Bad economy or not.

Many people are running into the same problems, but the best you can do is to try and find a job. Preferably a job that you borrowed the loans to study for in the first place.

Jamie Said:

What student loan options do I have when I go to B-school on a pending I-485?

We Answered:

You can go to :
it's about unique student loans information.
Good luck

Sherri Said:

What are the best student loan options (college)?

We Answered:

You should probably go fill out the FAFSA and get it submitted to the school you want to attend. That would be the best thing to do.

Kelly Said:

Student Loan options for sub-par credit?

We Answered:

Financial aid office at your school can help with a student loan. The rates just dropped again. You may also qualify for grant money. As a student, you should know this. Never the less, good luck and get a job!!! Have a great year.

Tamara Said:

Best Student Loan Options?

We Answered:

One of the best reasons for borrowing money is to fund an education. The return on the investment will last a lifetime and greatly improve one's earning potential. However, before you rush out and take out sizable student loans, make sure you exhaust all other possible sources of funding for school. If you can avoid the loans, you will be better off in the long run.

Before you decide on a budget for school, you need to answer a few questions. Will you go to school full time or part time? Do you plan to work while in school and if so how much? Are you going to receive any scholarships or other forms of tuition assistance? Next you need to establish a strict budget. This will allow you to decide how much money you will need in total each semester so you can see if your current funding will cover all the expenses. Be as detailed as possible with this budget and try to budget on the high side to avoid surprises.

Once you see that you cannot meet the expenses, the next step is to visit the school's financial aid office. They can often turn you to some other sources of possible funding such as work study or internships that help with tuition. As a last resort, they can help you apply for student loans and advise you on the best sources to meet your situation. They will help you fill out the required forms and get the process going. Applying for a loan does not mean you have to accept it.

Once the loan information is returned, you can make your decision as to whether you will take out the loans and if so for how much. Just because a lender offers you a certain amount of money, you don't have to accept it all. Only take what you believe you will need to make it through each semester. Sure, it's nice to have the money at the time, but it's even better to graduate college free from student loan debt. Loans are there for a reason and should be used if necessary, but make sure they really are necessary.

Kent Said:

UC RIVERSIDE- what are the student loan options for this school?

We Answered:

Although you prefer private loans I would suggest looking into UCR student loans.

I take out UCR loans and I believe it's more beneficial for their students.

Private loan companies are out to make big profit and will get you hard as soon as they can. I think.

Just research about this thoroughly before you trust in a private loan company.

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