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Student Loan Payment Calculator

Jessie Said:

Where I can I find an advanced loan amortization calculator?

We Answered:

I am not aware of any good amortization calculators like the one you mentioned online (although I wish there were!)

I've had to become pretty good at using Excel to creat that kind of thing. It is certainly possible to do it with Excel.

Jack Said:

Stimulus Payment Calculator &Wheres My stimulus Payment?

We Answered:

You should get the 600.00. The money is bein sent out dependsing on what your last 2 digits of your social security number are. If you got direct deposit then they will be here sooner than the checks. My bf got his on Monday and the charts say mine should be here in a week.

Jeremy Said:

Extremely stressed out about student loan repayment...?

We Answered:

Go to school in state. Get a job while you are going to graduate school and try to avoid any more loans.

Student loans can be graduated, so that your payback starts low and goes up as your income increases. But seriously, you should change plans and go to a less expensive school choice and, as I said, get a JOB. It may take longer, but at least you won't add to your debt.

Not sure what you used for your calculations. But my loan is less than 3% interest. So I ran your number of 200K through a loan calculator at 3% and it was $850, not $1600. I assume you are getting loans through a federal program and not foolish enough to go through private agencies.

You have the equivalent of a mortgage and you haven't even got a house.

There are some plans that say if you agree to work for the government, they will forgive your loans, but it has to be several years and the amount is varied. I haven't kept up with it, but you should ask your financial aid advisor about it.

Also, apply for any and all scholarships you qualify for. A lot of them go unclaimed because people don't apply. Not all require financial need.

Penny Said:

my student loan was due today and I paid today?

We Answered:

Unfortunately we do not know the terms of your loan or the rules of the lender, so it is impossible for any one here to say, if they will charge you a late fee or not. Call them tomorrow, be nice to the person on the phone as they may or may not be the one who can help you, but ask about a late fee. If they have charged you one ask to speak to someone in charge and explain that you were unaware that a payment due on a Sunday had to be paid before the actually due date, you might be able to get them to remove any charge.

Maria Said:

How much are your monthly payments for your student loans? ?

We Answered:

I attend a private school and I have several Stafford loans and other small loans plus two large private loans: one from Astrive for 30k and one from Chase for 25k. According to my financial advisor my combined payments will be about 1,500 a month. I'm so screwed! You're lucky you only have $300 payments!

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