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Student Loan Payment

Pamela Said:

How much per month is the average student loan payment?

We Answered:

Ususally it is a monthly bill and the amount depends on how much you borrow.

Elsie Said:

Can a student loan payment be used to Boost my Credit?

We Answered:

Well, just make the payments and don't be late, ever!

Manuel Said:

Student loan payment question if taxes are taken?

We Answered:

No, you will not get your tax refund back. It was garnished because you were in default. Making consistent payments will bring your loan out of default and will prevent your next refund from being taken or your wages from being garnished. Your taxes would only be refunded if a mistake was made in the garnishment -- meaning if your loan had not actually been in default.

Jean Said:

Will a student loan payment that was late 3 or 4 days affect my credit?

We Answered:

Every lender has their own rules on whether they have a grace period. Typically a creditor will not report a delinquency until it is at the very least 15 days past due. Reporting a loan late by 3 days is ridiculous. I doubt it will have any effect on your credit score, but get copies to be sure. You can also google to find out if a 3 day late payment affects your score. I wonder if Sallie Mae also reports 1 day late.

Alex Said:

What happens if I can't make my first student loan payment?

We Answered:

Contact your lender and they can make your payment due date delayed. I know my brother did this and they adj his payments and gave him some months to get back on his feet. Just call before its due to avoid late payment fees.

Bob Said:

When is the next date for the student loan payment?

We Answered:

you need call school some pay now

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