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Student Loan Payments

Alexander Said:

How do I get credit for student loan payments?

We Answered:

If you grandfather co-signed, it should show on both of your credit reports. Check the loan docs to see if you signed it. If you did, you can call the lending institution and request they start reporting it. If not, get the loan number and address information of the lender and send a letter to all three credit bureaus requesting they add this to your profile. Also let them know that the FCRA charges them with accurate reporting of information. They may charge you a small fee to get this done.

Another option is to have your grandfather refinance it and then make sure you are on the loan. You may also inquire with student loan consolidation lenders and they will simply put it under your name, I am not sure however if they will only do that if you are not in deferment period.

Ruby Said:

What is the steps I need to take to handle my student loan payments?

We Answered:

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Glenda Said:

How to lower student loan payments?

We Answered:

There are several different options for lowering your payment. Often it will depend on your lender or servicer what they offer. Depending on when you took out your loan you may qualify for extended repayment. I know my company will offer up to 25 years to repay if you have a balance >$30,000 & you took out your first loan after 1998. There is also a graudated repayment plan, but this is only temporary. Typically you can get your payments lowered to interest only for about the first 2 years, but then they do increase pretty dramatically after the 2 years. Of course there is a deferment or forbearance, which are also both short term solutions. And to qualify for a deferment your income has to be pretty low (I am talking minimum wage low). And last but not least (or maybe it is least? lol) is consolidation. I would use this as your last option if none of the others work for you. It will lock in your interest rate (so if you are at a high rate then you will be fixing at that rate forever), extend your repayment, but of course you will pay significantly more interest over the life of the loan.

But as I usually say, talk to your lender and they will be able to tell you all of he different alternatives. Maybe they will even have some I haven't mentioned! Good luck! There are definitely ways to get help though! And I would also suggest looking into teacher loan forgiveness if you are going to teach in a low income area...but that only forgives part of your loan and you must be teaching for 5 years to qualify!

Stephanie Said:

What do your student loan payments look like?

We Answered:

I don't know because im still a senior in high school.
im going to try not to take out so much money and be smart

Minnie Said:

Can you be denied financial aid for a master's if you are late with student loan payments?

We Answered:

Yes, you will be denied. No one is going to lend you more money when you have proven that you can not repay the money you already owe.

Patricia Said:

As a sole proprietor can I right off my student loan payments?

We Answered:

No.....just the interest like anyone else........but not as a business expense.

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