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Student Loan Payoff

Tina Said:

Payoff student loan or use it as deductable?

We Answered:

Generally I wouldn't hold off paying ANY debt just for a tax deduction. In actual refund dollars, a deduction ends up being the amount you pay times your marginal tax rate.

So for example, if you paid $1,000 in student loan interest for 2007 and you are in the 25% tax bracket, you're "netting" a payment of $750 [1000 - (1000 x 25%)]. In other words, the deduction only gets you back 25% of what you paid.

Personally, I'd rather just be done with the debt altogether and pay it off ASAP.

Christine Said:

How do I obtain a Grant to payoff my student loan?

We Answered:

There you go :…

Good luck !

Lloyd Said:

Great Student Loan Payoff- scam?

We Answered:

If it came via an unsolicited email then it's dubious - avoid it.

Eddie Said:

Are there any student loan payoff grants for early childhood spcial eduaction?

We Answered:

If you are teaching in a title 1 school, there are programs from the federal gov that will forgive student loans

Johnnie Said:

How can I payoff a $90,000 student loan, with a $33,000 per year income?

We Answered:

Yikes, that's more in debt than both me and my husband were ever in with over 10 years of marriage...
I haven't been in school in many years, so I don't know how expensive it is...
I can't imagine borrowing more than I can pay back or why they let you do that...
I do not think student loans are covered on bankruptcy, since we just went through that because I lost my job due to disability...
I think if you are well enough to work, you are supposed to be well enough to pay back a loan...
All I can say is offer to pay them what you can actually afford each month even if it isn't what they requested, and try to make them see you can't do it very soon...
At least if they take you to court, you can prove you were trying to pay them and they were the ones who didn't accept it...
That makes you look good...

Betty Said:

Anyone on here using Upromise to help payoff a student loan?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Tyrone Said:

What's the best way to payoff my (federal) student loan? I've been avoiding this since graduating in 2000.?

We Answered:

No there is not free money after you've already graduated. You should have gotten that while you were in school. Better call your lender or servicer and work something out because that is one type of loan that you cannot file bankruptcy on, and it will continue to haunt you. You can be garnished, and your tax returns can be confiscated. But your lender or servicer will work with you if you call them.

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