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Student Loan Program

Geraldine Said:

Have anyone heard of a forgiveable student loan program?

We Answered:

This answer depends on two things:
1) the types of loans
2) the area you are working in.

Stafford loans have a forgiveness program for teachers and may have others. If you are a teacher in an area of need, you can have $1000 per year of your indebtedness forgiven for each year of service for up to five years (or a total of $5000).

Perkins loans have a 100% forgiveness program. For teachers in areas of critical need, 1/5 of the total Perkins indebtedness can be forgiven for each year of service for up to five years.

Check out Student Aid on the Web for more information.

Evelyn Said:

What is the best collegiate student loan program?

We Answered:

Title IV funding.
Fill out your fafsa.
That is what you are looking for.
If that doesn't work, start filling out scholarship forms NOW.
If that doesn't work, you will have to find alternative funding (Private Student loans)
Good Luck

Lorraine Said:

Can anyone help me find out how to contact someone at Colorado student loan program?

We Answered:

Try these:

US Dept of Education


Colorado Commission on Higher Education
Phone: 303-866-2723
Web site:

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