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Student Loan Programs

Diane Said:

If a college says they don't participate in school sponsored student loan programs what does this mean?

We Answered:

No, it's saying you cannot get loans from the school itself. You are still allowed financial aid from the government. Considering the type of college it is it probably doesn't receive as many students as a secular college and so it doesn't have money to spare to its students and then hope they manage to pay them back sometime in the future.

Andre Said:

Does anybody know anything about the Student Loan programs available to college students?

We Answered:

It all varies based on where you are. Talk to a financial adviser at your desired school. They will walk you through it.

Bonnie Said:

What would happen if government cut off all student loan programs?

We Answered:

Well everything is connected, and one thing leads to another. First if loans were to be cut, then the enrollment would be cut, and then less jobs for people in the university, and people getting degrees. Basically it would be a disaster. I'm all for loans, THAT ARE PAID BACK. Part of why we are in a crisis is those lawyers, doctors, etc from awhile back not paying loans, and now it's catching up to them.

But I agree college should be more cheaper, it would benefit everyone...

Where my parents and I are from, university is FREE. They use to pay, but now it's free!

There shouldn't be a cost to university/college anyway but in order for some money to come in for the government the tuitions are high...

Tyler Said:

Student loan programs being frozen or cancelled altogether because of the credit crunch!!?

We Answered:

I can't help wonder but if we are not going to stupid ourselves to extinction.

Ben Said:

Are there any Forgiveable Student Loan Programs? If so, how much can I get?

We Answered:

Yes, there are forgiveable student loans out there, but most do not cover the entire amount of the student loan. However, some programs out there require you to have not consolidated your student loans. Some require a large amount of volunteer time in a year to working in a specific profession such as a nurse. One program requires 1700 hours of community service in a year. I will list some places where you can find student loan forgiveness programs. Good luck!

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