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Student Loan Rates 2010

Roy Said:

Student Loan. Any advice?

We Answered:

Well lets start with your interest, at this rate you will be accruing around and extra 1300 each year in interest. If you make payments at only 150 it will take you roughly 117 payments to pay this off with no interest accrued so think about adding close to another 25 payments so you will have to make around 150 payments that is nearly 12 1/2 years of payments, were as if you pay 300 a month that will cut it down to closer to 4-5 years and less money. Try to pay off as much as you can each month, it will save you alot in the long run

Claude Said:

Student Loans? Help, best way to go about paying these back!!?

We Answered:

I dont agree with paying the smaller ones in this case. Put the subsidized loans on the back burner, they are not going to cost you any more in 2010 than they will today. Yes it is nice to get bills out of the way, but you have to think about what is going to happen with that big loan if you let it sit and grow. He has a big big loan (17,500)with a huge interest rate of 14.25, variable, unsubsidized. That one would be making me very very nervous if I were you. You really need to work on that one or it will snowball and bury you. You could easily end up paying back 50,000 on that one or more if you dont nip it in the bud. You do realize that the 1590 in interest is going to get put into the loan amount and then they are going to calculate more interest on the interest? and the rate is variable meaning it can go up even higher? do you have a home you can pull some equity from to pay that one? can family lend you money to get rid of that one, or can you put up more than 200/month? the others can wait, but that one is going to grow and grow and grow in the next 3 yrs-you wont know what hit you if you dont take care of it early. I sure hope he is a doctor or something

Clifton Said:

If I have already graduated will the recommendations in tomorrows (12/10/2010) Browne review apply to me?

We Answered:


The answer to that is no. It will affect students to start when the changes come in. Please see the Guardian website -

Hope that puts you at ease.


Paula Said:

Can a tax return be amended after a letter from the IRS said that it was seized due to student loans?

We Answered:

Amending a tax return and offsetting any refund are not related.

Scott Said:

I am looking for a company that gives student Loans. Im looking for something that gives atleast 15000 a year?

We Answered:

You can not get this high of an amount without help. Dependent freshman can only borrow 5,500 in federal Stafford loans in their name without a cosigner. You will have to ask your parents to take out a parent PLUS loan for you. The interest rate is decent and you don't have to pay it back, they do.
Here is a good book about fin aid in general and the loans you might be eligible for:

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