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Student Loan Reform

Willie Said:

affects of the economy from the student loan reform?

We Answered:

The imperfections are not market based, rather they are political imperfections.

The entire reform of the student loan industry was never intended to change the METHODS of the market but from the beginning were intended to change the OWNERSHIP of the market.

As proof answer these two questions:

1. Who owned (controlled) that market before the reform?
It was a privately owned industry under government regulation.

2. Who owns (controls) that market now?
It is now a market wholly owned and controlled by the government.

The result is few choices for those seeking student loans, and a reduction in choices is a reduction in quality without a corresponding reduction in cost.

We now have only two choices, whether to attend college or not, and whether to pay out of pocket or not.

Cassandra Said:

how should we reform our student loan system?

We Answered:

There should be a LOT more grants offered to students so they don't have to take out loans. The loan interest rates should be very low and stay low. They are at 4% now but after graduation they can go up to 9%. I don't think they should charge you interest on the loans while you are in school. The truth is society focuses on "how much money we can make" not helping the poor. Which is kind of dumb because if you could get a degree and a job, you would be contributing back to society a LOT more than the money u used. The govt does NOT care.

Milton Said:

Isn't it great how Obama's student loan reform is helping students and the economy?

We Answered:

We have a president who believes in consumer protections---a refreshing change! The elimination of the greed-driven deregulated-by-the-GOP banking industry as a middle-man figure for student loans is part of the "Fix It" changes bill that contains the Mark-Up results from Committee for the health and insurance reforms President Obama signed into law last Tuesday. He is scheduled to sign this new section into law this week, and that makes the direct-lending provision law. This proposal is meant to, among other goals, lower higher education costs significantly, which will indirectly lead to reduced health care costs because doctors have claimed a need for higher salaries just to pay off college loans taken out to become a doctor. The increase in Pell Grant amounts is significant, too. Yes, the Student Loan Reform voted upon by Democrats with not one single Republican "yea" is a great achievement that will indeed help students and our nation's economy!

Tim Said:

What does student loan reform have to do with healthcare reform? Why is it attached to the Obamacare bill?

We Answered:


It's about getting more power.

Andrea Said:

Are Health Care and Student Loan reform in the same bill?

We Answered:

The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HR 4872) is part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590)

Paula Said:

Why is the direct student loan program included in the healthcare reform bill?

We Answered:

Just another sneeky way to control how education will be paid for!! Theyw ant to Control Everything and enslave the American Public to be totally dependent on the government!

Glenn Said:

Student Loan Reform hidden....?

We Answered:

I am saying it will turn into another Fannie and Freddie....

1. You will have to be a minority to get a loan in the first place...
2. They will issue loans to every minority and will not get paid back...
3. It will go belly up in 5-8 years
4. It will require huge bailouts

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