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Student Loan Repayment Calculator

Cory Said:

How to better qualify for home loan? (student loans)?

We Answered:

I used to be a home loan originator. Get your monthly debt load to it's lowest point possible to qualify for more of a house payment. So yes, a 30 year plan for your student loans would make an overall lower monthly payment.

When you look around you and see these neighborhoods full of houses in this price range and the people who own them,,,,just know that they qualified under different conditions than you will have to qualify for now. Lenders look for a debt to income ratio. Higher debt to income ratios were allowed before the sub-prime mortgage meltdown.

When you use the online calculators be sure that they factor in home owners insurance and property taxes too. Email me if you want more clarification.

James Said:

Question about inflation.?

We Answered:

That is the great thing about Inflation. Those who borrow money love inflation, because you get to repay your debt with inflated dollars. Those who lend money hate inflation and try to hedge against it with interest rates.

Violet Said:

Are student loan repayments counted in housing benefit calculations?

We Answered:

The only deductions allowed from your income allowed are Tax, National Insurance, and 50% of any pension contributions.

Eduardo Said:

Qualifying for home loan with student loans?

We Answered:


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