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Student Loan Repayment Help

Victor Said:

U.S Army Reserve student loan repayment program help?

We Answered:

This is what I would do. Contact your local Army Education Center on a military installation or anyone for that matter. Set up an appointment with them and work it out threw them. They will help you and get you in the right direction. Or consider going Active Duty. Hope this helps. I would say I can help you, but Army recruiters dont get taught the paperwork side of enrolling soldiers into college. LOL

SSG Schramm

Carol Said:

Student Loan repayment help please?

We Answered:

Couple of questions... did you use up all your forbearance and deferment time BEFORE you consolidated or after? After you consolidate, you get a brand new set of 60 months of forbearance/deferment time on your loans, in addition to the possible 60 you may have used with your "old" loans.

By the way, I work for Sallie.

ISR and Grad Repay aren't the worst things... they are better options in all actuality than forbearance because in forbearance the interest capitlizes ever so often and is added to our principal. 60 months of forbearance time adds up to a lot of accrued and capitalized interest.

You could also ask for your loans to be redisclosed at the maximum amount of terms allowed, which may LOWER the payment but extend the length of repayment.

Also, see what time of benefits (BIPS) your loan has. If you still qualify for them, you could lower the interest rate which in the long run will help with repayment but will not have an immediate help on your payment amount.

Sorry for the unorganized response... it's Saturday, a day off for me... and just spewing out what I know.

Terrance Said:

How can I delay my student loan repayment?

We Answered:

You need to call your lender asap. There are a bazillion options for you...

You can get deferment (no payments, no additional interest accrues on subsidized loans) for being back in school, or being on active duty.

You can get forbearance (no payments, but interest accrues) if you are unemployed or experiencing other financial hardship.

You can also get income-sensistive repayment...

Just call them- student loans are the most incredibly forgiving creditors ever!

Ryan Said:

Can anyone help with a question about student loan repayment in the Marine Corps?

We Answered:

Two things, with a degree, you may want to re-consider and go the officer route. You may feel overqualified for the jobs you do in the Corps;

Second, talk to a recruiter. Programs come and go all the time. There may be something out there. (Check everything he tells you. Ask for the specific name of the program and research it.)

Good luck and hopefully soon you will be one of us.

Semper Fi.

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