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Student Loan Requirements

Tara Said:

credit hour requirements for student loan?

We Answered:

Six credit hours per semester and that will cut your loan amount down. If you're attending less than full time, your financial aid is reduced.

Julian Said:

What is the eligibility requirements for a student loan cosigner?

We Answered:

what student loan companies usually look for in a co signer are a strong credit history
they must have a job that they have been at for at least two years
and an income over fifty thousand dollars a year, and the more money,and property they have the better. that's how the bank, or company will know they will get their money back if there is a default on payment

Jill Said:

Student loan with no income requirements?

We Answered:

Flight school are almost never federally eligible schools, so you can't get federal loans. So it is going to be based on your's and your cosigners income. These loans have no backing whatsoever like the federal loans do (the government will pay them off if you don't pay) so they need proof that if you don't pay your cosigner can. I would contact the school since they deal with it every day, but I know some private lender are Key Bank (or Key Education Resources, I deal with them a LOT for flight schools), U.S. Bank, TERI you already tried...those are the ones that I can think of off hand, but I know most if not all will require cosigner income.

Joel Said:

What are the requirements for the Air National Guard $20,000 Student Loan Repayment Program?

We Answered:

Clifton Said:

Requirements for student loan?

We Answered:

You need a cosigner with good credit. They can be your parent or someone that trusts you well enough.

If your parents apply for a Parent PLUS Loan and are rejected, then you can send that letter to your financial aid office and they will most likely raise your Federal Stafford Loan. They gave me $4000 extra.

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