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Student Loan Services

Janice Said:

student loans. What companies offer student loan services without income requirement???

We Answered:

Federal Sub Stafford loan is based on financial need which I guess based on your question is somwwhat income driven because they use the income you report on the FAFSA and if you demonstrate need then you can get it but the Federal Usub is not based on need and is awarded to you when you apply for the FAFSA. The Paren PLUS loan is not based on income and the parents all they have to do is pass a credit worthiness credit check, meaning they cant have bad account in bad standing that are not being resolved. if they are being resolved then documentation may be able to clear it with the lender and get the loan approved. private student loans also require a credit check but again like the unsub stafford, PLUS loan,they do not look at income. Most lenders like Sallie Mae Citi Bank Chase Bank of America...etc..offer these loans depending on the school you attend. Your Financial Aid office is a good source to start with.

Alan Said:

What is the best student loan service?

We Answered:

FASFA is probably the most used loan servicing company. It was mine and after I graduated with a Masters degree I consolidated all loans...I usually tell friends to goto and check out their information...

If you try for a Grant then you do not pay back the grant. I had two....Call or write your congressperson They can provide you with a partial grant.

You are very late for an application so apply ASAP.... Please watch out for the interest rates because they can go really high. Also attempt to get a subsidized student loan because the interest is lower than unsubsidized.

Matthew Said:

How can I check out a student loan service other than Sallie Mae to find out if it is legit?

We Answered:

First I would do a goggle search using the name and information you have. It's surprising how much is out there you can find out with just a simple search.

Second contact the better business bureau and the Chamber of Commerce (through their website) there in Phoenix Arizona and ask if they have had any reports of problems with this company. It's free through both of these sources to find out about a business and they will tell you of any major problems that have been reported.

Third I would ask the financial aid office at the school I was planning to attend if they had any information about the company. If they don't know anything about them ask how to contact the Federal Student Loan Department to find out what they have on them. Sallie Mae keeps records on problems with lenders and will provide that information to you.

See the resources area below for URLs

(Remember that companies that are questionable change their information often so not finding out anything doesn't mean all is OK. Use all of the resources before you decide and look for positive information not just a lack of complaints.)

Florence Said:

Does anyone know a secure and reliable student loan service that pays dirctly to the student?

We Answered:

Summer tuition falls under the previous aid year (e.g. a financial aid year is August through the next July, generally speaking). You should fill out a FAFSA for last year to receive aid for summer tuition. You really aren't supposed to use financial aid for the future year for the previous year.

No student loan providers provide directly to the student, really. They all go through the school first to make sure tuition and fees are paid first, as that's the primary purpose of a student loan. Again, you'd need to apply for aid for the previous year (or ask your school to submit you for summer aid consideration), and take out a federal loan or something.

There's really no way to get these things fast, nor directly. You'd be better off trying a personal loan, not a student loan.

Max Said:

What happened to Student Loan Servicing Center (SLSC) of Harrisburg, PA?

We Answered:

You prob had another loan that you never paid off. This is pretty common actually. By the time a student graduates (even when they attend the same school) they graduate with multiple loans. When they graduate, the loans are sold and not all of them go to the same buyer. More common than not, one slips through the cracks and goes unnoticed for years.

Contact the Dept of Education. They will be able to point you to the agency who now owns (or did own) that loan when you took it out and if it was ever sold, who bought it.


Deborah Said:

a student I know has over £30.000 savings but didn't tell the student loan service. What can happen to him?

We Answered:

Assuming the loans are 'need based', this is considered fraud. I suspect they would require you to pay off 30,000 in loans TODAY, and deny any future loans. Beyond that, they may not bother pursuing charges.

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