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Student Loan Website

Carole Said:

Legitimate Student Loan website?

We Answered:

yes is good
I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here.…
Good luck!

Harvey Said:

Lagitimate student loan consolidation website that will not rip me off?

We Answered:


Honestly, if your student loans are not government loans (Stafford or PLUS), you've got a very difficult road ahead of you.

If you'd asked this question two years ago, I could have given you a list of about 20-25 major lenders who offered student loan consolidation. Right now, you'd be lucky to find 5.

Four companies that I know are offering private loan consolidation products right now are:

Collegiate Risk Management
EduCare Financial
Student Loan Financial Group

I can warn you that all four of these lenders will subject your consolidation application to a rigorous and conservative analysis of your eventual ability to repay.

If your loans ARE federal loans, you should start with the government's own consolidation program - you can find that here:

Good luck.

Tiffany Said:

Can I apply for a student loan in England to go and do a master's program in Argentina?

We Answered:

No you can't - it is for HE institutions in the UK

"The Student Loans Company, administers government-funded loans and grants to students throughout the United Kingdom. We are responsible, in partnership with Local Authorities in England and Wales, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Education and Library boards in Northern Ireland, the Higher Education Institutions and HM Revenue & Customs, for student support delivery in the UK.

Our primary roles are to:
Deliver financial support to eligible students pursuing higher education;
Pay to Higher Education Institutions the public contribution towards tuition fees for England, Wales and Northern Ireland;
Supply information needed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to ensure repayments are collected on time from all those due to repay under the Income Contingent Repayment Loan Scheme;
Manage the direct collection of repayments for loans granted under the former Mortgage Style Loan Scheme."

Marilyn Said:

I have a student loan website, how can I get more traffic?

We Answered:

Try some viral : share some pics and videos of your own and print your url on them.

Miriam Said:

Why can't i get onto the astrive student loan website?

We Answered:

if their site is astrivestudentloans dot com it works for me
Google is what I know !

Erica Said:

Is there an international student loan website that's legitimate?

We Answered:

Yes, try

Sallie Mae is the largest student loan lender in the US and offers loans to US students studying abroad as well as to international students who want to study in the US.

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