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Student Loan With Bad Credit

Toni Said:

Where can I get a student loan with bad credit?

We Answered:

If you don't qualify for federal financial aid (Stafford loans, Pell Grants, etc.) and are referring to a private education loan (like through Chase, Wells Fargo, Astrive), you will have to have a co-signer with a good credit rating in order to qualify for one.

If you haven't already applied for federal student aid, fill out the FAFSA ( and see if you would qualify for that first. There are estimation calculators on it that will help you determine if you qualify or not.

But you won't be able to get a private loan by yourself if your credit is as bad as you say.

Marion Said:

Student Loan, Bad credit???

We Answered:

Do whatever you can do to AVOID piling on more debt. You should thank your lucky stars that you have bad credit and can't find a lender. Go to the college computer cluster instead of buying a computer, go to the library instead of buying the texts. Get a job, do more research on scholarships and grants -- you should be asking Yahoo Answers about grant applications, not loans! -- And avoid private lenders; they will not give you the same terms as government-guaranteed student loans (which are bad enough as it is), and you will find it hard to deal with the burden when the loan comes due. It could jeopardise your education in your second, third or fourth year.

All you have to do is search for questions on student loan repayments on Yahoo Answers and look at what people are talking about who are having to pay them back. I'm speaking from a fair amount of experience, and from watching the experiences of all my friends who have gone through the student loans mill over long long long periods of time.

There are tonnes of grants out there, lots of ways to use the web to find funding for students. Your college should have a grants and scholarships and employment office as well. Do your research. Think positively and you will find sources of money to sort out your financial difficulties.

Andrea Said:

Does anyone know anything about getting a student loan with bad credit NO DISRESPECTFUL ANSWERS!!?

We Answered:

I have terrible credit and got student loans through Sallie Mae and Great Lakes... i signed up for them through the Fafsa web site.

you have to fill out alot of stuff, but you should get it.. my credit is AWFUL and i managed to get enough to pay for school and live off of (lived cheap)

it may be too late for fafsa for fall, but may be tie for winter.. but most liekyl you will have to wait till fall 07.

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