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Student Loans 2010

Karen Said:

Is it possible to consolidat my student loans if the creditors are already garnishing my taxes?

We Answered:

I doubt it. You need to get a lawyer though and try to figure this mess out. It sucks that you're in this mess because you wanted to get an education- but then again, when you take a loan out you HAVE to pay it back.

Robert Said:

Is there a benefit to waiting until Jan 2010 to pay off my student loan?

We Answered:

Make sure you can write off the interest on tax. Also, what's the interest rate? Do some calculation, sometimes saving a little tax doesn't match high interest you're paying now on the loan. My opinion would be pay off any debts now. No debts no pressure :)

Isaac Said:

What is student loans reform?(2010)?

We Answered:

It's a government takeover of Student Loans. It's a mess is what it is if you have dealt with it lately.

I'll tell you one thing that stands out: If the government takes over student loans, this means any educational institution that will accept these loans as tuition payment will have to reform their curriculum to the Department Of Education's standards ie the GOV will decide what is taught and not taught.

I'm pretty sure it was actually attached to the Healthcare Bill.

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