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Student Loans Australia

Anthony Said:

Can British Citizens get Student Loans to Study in Australia?

We Answered:

That sounds like a scam - Australian universities do no give out loans to international students (neither do banks) - those sites are all scams.

Joyce Said:

Can anyone tell me the interest rate on student loans in Australia?

We Answered:

Student loans in Australia are commonly referred to as HECS or HELP debts. Your friend would have a HECS debt. This stands for Higher Education Contribution Scheme. It essentially a loan. Until your friend starts earning about $50000/year, she won't haver to pay anything back. The debt doesn't have compound interest like a home loan or personal loan but rather is indexed according the consumer price index in Australia at the end of each financial year. So if the CPI has gone up by 4% in one year, your friend's debt goes up by 4% that year. If the CPI goes down 4%, your friends debt goes down 4%.

As inflation is alwasy happening and deflation never happens, your friend's debt is probably up around $4000 by now.

Floyd Said:

Where is the best place to look for student loans if I want to go to school in Australia?

We Answered:

If you are in need of a loan, it is very advisable that you seek a loan from a very legitimate company, i received a mail one day indicating a firm offering loans, i actually thought i was one of those Nigeria scams, because i have had deals with them before.
but i still did apply and found out it was entirely different, in their system, it is very fast, easy and very safe, i applied for a loan of $40,000 first, then applied again for $30,000, it was awesome how it all went, i really think you should contact them, they are legitimate, it is confirmed by me. their emails are :,
Contact them and get a loan you need urgently.

Helen Said:

Who will support me for 200,000 aud student loan in australia?

We Answered:

What r u tryin to do here?
u want:
1- Saudian GF
2- British GF
3- Syrian GF
4- Australian bride
5- 200,000

Jamie Said:

How can i get Student loans in Australia for full tuition fees for university for 4 years from banks?

We Answered:

Check out this site, I'm sure they have the answer you're looking for.

Erik Said:

Student Loans - Australia and New Zealand.?

We Answered:

Find the information at this website :-…

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I also wanted to get student loans to study in Australia but I have some question in mind and I easily get answers from here which is helpful for me.

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