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Student Loans Canada

Jimmy Said:

How can I turn someone in for not paying their Canada student Loans?

We Answered:

The Canadian government likely does not care, however the creditor that lent the money to this individual most likely does. If you know where the person moved and have current contact information you could give a call to the finance company and apprise them of the situation. If you don't have current contact information then there's not much help you can provide to them. If he isn't paying the loan off then it'll be sent to collection and his credit will be screwed anyway, so it's really not your job to do anything about this situation.

Javier Said:

If someone dies, what happens to the Canada student loans that she owes?

We Answered:

Family only pays is they co-signed for the debt. Otherwise the estate of the dead person will use any assets to repay the debt, if there aren't any, the debt goes unpaid.

Hilda Said:

what does it mean if your Canada student loans have been "transferred or sold" on your credit report? Help!

We Answered:

In truth it doesn't mean much to you, you still owe the money but now the debt may have been sold to someone else. Even written off doesn't mean anything positive to you, as the debts would have then been sold to some third party collection company for pennies on the dollar, and they'll continue trying to collect them.

Best to contact the original creditor directly and find out who you need to contact regarding the debt.

Good luck!

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