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Student Loans Co

Theresa Said:

How do you get student loans when you can't get a co signer?

We Answered:

You can take out stafford loans. Those are guaranteed for you because you are a college student.

Private loans however, you will not qualify because that is based on credit.

Scott Said:

Can I get student loans if my co-signer had declared bankruptcy?

We Answered:

This question does not have a simple answer. However, there are things to consider here. How long ago was the bankruptcy? Was it a charge-off or did the person repay the lenders? What state was it in? What was the amount of the bankruptcy? Has the borrower had any credit history since? What is their credit score? If the borrower has since applied for and received credit, this may not be a big issue. If not, well, you're up for rejection. Anyone can obtain a free copy of their credit history/score from their local credit bureau if they have been denied credit in the past 60 (?) days. All you have to do is take a copy of the denial letter to them and they must provide one to you. Also, a lender who has denied you credit must provide the information that they based their decision on to you within a short period of time after denial if you so request it. Everyone has different criteria for lending money. If you contact a potential lender before you apply, they will provide you with their criteria ahead of time. Know your information before you apply. This will save you grief later. As for who is the best lender? Look around and ask friends. If you can get a Stafford Loan, you will be better off. That is a federally operated loan. Your interest will be less, and repayment will be easier. The best to you in your efforts. Look for scholarshilps on the web and ask around the area where you live. Sometimes corporations grant scholarships to their employees families exclusively. It's a good way to go and it definately keeps you motivated to maintain the grades.

Daryl Said:

Ex-spouse co-signed name to $30k student loans without permission - what relief/protection is there?

We Answered:

Your boyfriend should be able to get the information on the student loans no problem by calling the private student loan company. If they say he did cosign he has every right to the info and account numbers.

How else would he know which account to pay? LOL I mean gez, have him call them and tell them he wants to make a payment and needs the address and account numbers to do so. Then he needs to call the police and file a police report and report his ex for identity theft.

Be SURE however he really didn't cosign for her, because if he DID cosign for her even before or after they divorced (and I suspect this what occurred and you are not getting the whole truth) he can go to jail for filing a false police report.

Arlene Said:

Has the Student Loans Co started sending out deferment letters yet?

We Answered:

do you mean you are waiting for an answer to see if you have got into the university for your course?

Rafael Said:

Can you still get student loans without a co-signer?

We Answered:

you do need a cosigner for student loans. The federal loans cover around $4,000 a year or so and don't require a cosigner, but that isn't enough for most schools

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