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Student Loans England

Marion Said:

at what age are you no longer required to repay student loans in England?

We Answered:

I'm afraid you'll probably have to keep paying for the foreseeable future - outstanding loans are written off:

* when you reach 65 (loans taken out before September 2006)
* after 25 years (student loans taken out for the first time in September 2006 or later, even if you are already on a course)

If you are not working or earn a low wage you may not have to make repayments either. Check the student finance website listed below.

Frederick Said:

Can international students get student loans in England?

We Answered:

It depends on the home country's policy on student loans as an international student cannot get loans from an institution in the UK.

For example, if an American student is pursuing a degree in the UK he/she can get federal student loans from the US government to help fund his/her studies at most UK universities. These loans are only available to American citizens and permanent residents but can be used at foreign universities.

Sarah Said:

How does an international student get a student loan in England?

We Answered:

Go to the bank!


Javier Said:

Is the money you get from Student Finance England separate to the money received from the Student Loans Comp.?

We Answered:

Student Finance England process your application and the Student Loans Company are the ones who pays you.

If there is a difference in the amount it says on your Financial Notification letter than your payments schedule then contact Student Finance England as soon as you can to find out why.

Hope that helps :)

Ronnie Said:

Can I get a second student loan with Student Finance England?

We Answered:

No, you can't. They only finance your first degree. After you finish it, that's it...
However if you changed your degree before graduating your initial course, you would have been fine, then they still continue to finance your studies, providing grants and loans.

So it's too late, sorry

Phillip Said:

Does anyone know of a USA bank that I am able to use a cosigner from England for my student loans?

We Answered:


Here's the problem:

A cosigner is only good to the lender if the lender has legal recourse against the cosigner's assets.

If you're unable or unwilling to pay, and the lender is forced to turn to your cosigner to honor your debts, they'll be hard pressed to collect from a foreign national, with assets held in foreign banks and investments. It may not be legally impossible, but it's an extra hassle that lenders aren't anxious to deal with.

Never say never, but generally speaking, a lender on an educational loan will not accept a foreign national as a cosigner, unless that individual has significant assets in the US.

I'm sorry for the disappointing news. Good luck to you.

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