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Student Loans Federal

David Said:

Can you buy stock if you still owe federal student loans?

We Answered:

I am a current student and owe Sallie Mae about 20k, and have a portfolio.
Investing and Loans have nothing to do with each other.
I could understand your confusion though, as if the government wont let you invest if you owe them money. But no it doesn't work like that, not in a free market.

Just keep in mind, the stock market is not easy, and if you are not ready to do the grind then do not waste your time. Because ultimately your lose your money.

Jonathan Said:

what credentials does a university require for the students to become eligible for federal student loans?

We Answered:

Your school must be recognized by the US Federal Government as a US accredited school in order to receive US Federal Student Aid.

You then must be considered a United States citizen to qualify for federal student aid.

Alfred Said:

Why can't you reconsolidate federal student loans a second time?

We Answered:

The term consolidate itself means that you are putting several loans together into one loan. Once you do this, you only have one loan so you can't REconsolidate. I think what you mean is refinance. You want to refinance your loan when the rate drops.

Lucille Said:

What is the minimum people pay on federal student loans once they've graduated?

We Answered:

It would probably be better to look at your own debt, find out how much you have borrowed of the different kinds and then use a repayment calculator to determine the monthly payments. The monthly minimum is going to change depending on the repayment options you choose, and the level of debt you have incurred as well. These are great questions to run by your financial aid office. They should have a counselor who is able to speak to you about your repayment responsibilities, or even the lender of your loans as well. has some good repayment calculators you can use to determine approximate monthly balances.…

Give those a look.

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