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Student Loans For College Students

Deanna Said:

does private student loans effect the future financial aid of students for college?

We Answered:

No. FAFSA and federal grants and loans are all based on your financial need for school help. They don't do credit checks, and have no idea what kind of money that you have borrowed.
Hope this helps!

Harold Said:

Why would republican college students want to pay fees to banks for their student loans?

We Answered:

Because the paperwork is so much less. The govt makes you jump through hoops, and is slow
and incapable of responding to individual needs.
With private banks there is no politics concerned, only profit. That encourages efficiency and
good service. Neither of which exists in the govt. Also, it always costs more when the govt handles
something. Huge bureaucracy as opposed to efficiency of the private sector.

Julie Said:

Are undergraduate college students taking out enormous student loans for unmarketable majors out of ignorance?

We Answered:


I have only taken 3 accounting courses and done an internship. Guess how much I got for it? 3000 a month! punching #s pays big bucks!

After I get a job at a big firm I can easily make over 100k in 3 years!"

i bet punching numbers is reallllllly satisfying, isnt it? some of us like to balance our careers with some personal enjoyment and giving back to their community! not everyone wants to be an accountant (and if they did, it would be a hell of a lot harder for you to get a job). By the way- i went to art school for 4 years and i have less than 20k in debt. And i ENJOY my life.

i work in retail PART TIME. I also have a full time job teaching art and a side job working with a non-profit human services organization for people with developmental disabilities- because i enjoy giving back to the community. it's called motivation to succeed and make a difference in the world.

which brings me back to my first point- you are a conforming, greedy, inconsiderate JERK.

i may have less money than you, but i can bet that my life is much more fulfilling.

Gwendolyn Said:

Are there student loans for college students I can apply for?

We Answered:

There are all kinds of loans you can apply for. If you are looking for Federal Loans (Perkins, PLUS, Stafford), then you need to apply for enrollmnent at the school(s) of your choice, and fill out a FAFSA. The school(s) will send you an award letter, which will tell you which loans and what amounts you can borrow. You would then go through the process explained in the letter to activiate the loans.
If you want private loans, you can go your local bank (most have some sort of college loan), but those are based upon your credit, and are harder to get. Almost anyone can get a Federal Loan, as long as they haven't defaulted on a previous student loan.
It can seem like a pain, but the best place to get information on loans for your particular school is their financial aid office. Every school is different, so I would suggest filling out a FAFSA and contacting the school. You can do it online here:

Sonia Said:

Are private student loans available to college students on demand that are deferrable until graduation?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Javier Said:

Student loans for college students not 18 years of age?

We Answered:

I took my loan out for my first year of college before I was 18. The only thing I needed was a cosigner (my dad) who would be my so-called 'backup' if I failed to pay later on.

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