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Student Loans For Graduate School

Cory Said:

What is considered half time for graduate school (in terms of student loans)?

We Answered:

Yes, 6 credits is considered half-time. Call your loan company and make sure this is what they consider half-time as well. However, if you are not in school when you six month period is up you will have to make a payment until you are enrolled again. It is very important that you do not miss a payment this could make is difficult for you to defer you loans in the future.

Patricia Said:

What happens to your undergraduate loans if you go to graduate school? ?

We Answered:

Graduate school is the best way to defer your loans a little longer!
As long as you are enrolled you do not have to pay your federal loans and most private lender loans. However, they are still accumulating and you will have to pay them! And keep in mind that some private lender loans will ask to be repaid now. If you have federal loans that are subsidized then they will continue to pay the interest for you!
Once you graduate I believe you get 3 or 6 months before they want your loans to be paid back (supposedly enough time for you to find a job). And if you don't find a job you can defer again in 3 month increments.
You will def. be able to get graduate student loans. If you filled out the FAFSA and got federal loans you may have noticed that you got more and more money each year. This was because you thought to be more likely to graduate the further along you are, typically the same thought process is used for graduate school. You aren't going to take the time to apply and then not go right? So it has been my experience that once you are enrolled in graduate school and fill out the FAFSA you get a minimum of $8500 per year.

Karen Said:

Will my undergraduate federal student loans need to be repaid as I'm in graduate school?

We Answered:

Generally, federal loans go into deferral so long as you're enrolled in school full-time. You can check with the loan company to be certain, but that is my understanding of the process.

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