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Student Loans For Housing

Dianne Said:

I need student loans! Housing?

We Answered:

48k for two years? Jesus, find somewhere else to live.

Also, though your credit is good, do you have a job now? No bank is going to lend that much money without at least a glimpse that you can pay it back.

Your best bet is to get a job. A loser job is better than no job.

Carl Said:

What are some helpful sites to find student loans for school & housing?

We Answered:

Ah yes, you're in a pretty common predicament - too much family income to qualify for some of the money out there.
Since you are now or will be paying your own way, you're going to need some ways to document your situation.
It can be done, however I would suggest going for scholarship and grants (it's possible), rather than loans.
Try for tons of info and links to raising the money you need for school.

Good luck!

Lee Said:

can you use some of the money from student loans for housing?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Erika Said:

Are there loans that mainly cover student housing?

We Answered:

"financial aid' is a broad term that is used to cover ALL college related costs including tuition, fees, room and board, books and even misc costs like travel and personal items. Even the cost of a computer. Student loans are financial aid and these items can be included in the amount you borrow. So, you CAN use loan money to pay for student housing and the meal plans as long as you don't need more than the federal annual maximum loan amounts.

If you have not done so already you need to fill out the fafsa application at This is the starting point for all form of federal student loans. The most common student loan is called the stafford loan. If you are unwilling to borrow you can ask your parents to borrow with what is called the parent PLUS loan.

Pauline Said:

Will FAFSA student loans pay for off-campus housing?

We Answered:

Sure, if you can get enough money in student loans (after your tuition and fees are paid) to pay for it. Federal loans have limits on them. For example dependent freshman can borrow up to 5500 a year in federal stafford loan. If your tuition and fees are less than this (per year) then you would get the excess to pay for extra stuff like housing and transportation. If you are coming from out of state and your costs are huge.

Looks like this school is only $1,620.44 a semester in tuition and fees. So 2 X $1,620.44 = $3,240.88 a year 5500 - 3,240 = 2,259.12 extra for books and room and board divided by 2 (2 semesters) is approx $1,159.26 extra you'd get a semester.

You should consider getting a place that will let you have about 3 room mates.

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