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Student Loans For Living Expenses

Kevin Said:

Are student loans available for living expenses if I'm not able to work?

We Answered:

It generally depends on the type of loans you are getting and the college you are enrolled at. Most student loans, such as those from the government, are paid the the college or university that you are enrolled at and as such you cannot use them form personal living expenses.

However, their are a number of private student loans on the market which can be paid to the student. In the case of these loans you will have to check details of the loan agreement to ensure that they can be used for personal living expenses.

Duane Said:

How does loans work for living expenses? or student loans in general?

We Answered:

Check the sites thoroughly. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.

Kent Said:

Student loans, living expenses and a 10 month program.?

We Answered:

You could try a private school loan. The interest rates will be higher but it sounds like this may be your only option. If you don't have credit (or have bad credit) you will need a cosigner.

Jimmie Said:

Student loans for living expenses?

We Answered:

Try several lenders to see if you can get a collegiate loan. Chase, Sallie Mae and Citibank are just a few lenders out there. Just because one lender turned you down doesn't mean they all will. Also, loans are for any school expenses: tuition, fees, books, housing, etc. There aren't any that are specifically for housing. So once your tuition and fees are paid, anything left should go to you to use as you need.

Donna Said:

can I get student loans for living expenses?

We Answered:

Student Loans figure in living expenses. The amount of money you recieve is supposed to have living expenses figured in, but they top out at a certain amount and if your school costs more than you recieve from the loans then you pretty much S.O.L. Start applying for grants, all student aid, all loans possible, and scholarships as soon as possible or about 6 months before you are to attend

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