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Student Loans For People With Bad Credit

Alvin Said:

Does anyone know of any student loans out there for people with somewhat bad credit?

We Answered:

The Federal Stafford loan does not require a credit check and is the most widely used student loan out there. To get one, start by filling out your FAFSA and then also speak to your financial aid office of the school you're attending.
You can find more info on Stafford and other types of student loans at Sallie Mae's website.…

Norman Said:

Student loans for people with bad bad credit??

We Answered:

Apply through Student Loan Xpress or College Loan Corporation. They have a high risk teir they use to assist with loans, but the interest rates are in the 15's.
Good Luck

Javier Said:

Student loans for people with bad credit?

We Answered:

Well two Weeks ago my cousin got Student loan of 10000$ on very lowest interest at 3.5 % and she had to repay for the loan when her studies are completed .Sounds too good. well you should try for your loan too .
Go to following link and check all loan offering lenders in search of best repayment schedule and ofcoucre lowest interest rate.

By the way my cousin credit score is too low but she got loan.
Best of luck!

Ida Said:

Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can get student loans with bad credit?

We Answered:

With bad credit the only way you can really get a loan is by having a cosigner. If there is someone that you are really close to (family member, friend, relative, etc) that you feel you could confide in about this, ask them if they would be willing to cosign for you.

Not many people are willing to cosign unfortunately, just because of the risk of losing money though. So it may be tough to find someone.

Have you tried to talk to you college about the situation? I know at my school you can take out "emergency loans" which allow you to get more money from the school if certain situations come up like medical or something. Also, if you can prove you need more financial aide, many schools will allow you to fill out a form with all of your expenses that you can bring to them. They will evaluate it and then decide whether to give you more funding. Be open with the financial aid people at your school though. They are your best option at receiving more grants, scholarships, or student loans.

Good luck

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