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Student Loans For Poor Credit

Toni Said:

Need a student loan credit is poor?

We Answered:

The same thing happened to me. I thought I was gonna be able to rely on the Parent Plus Loan but my moms credit was bad making me inelgible for the loan. I couldn't find any cosigners but if your luckier than I was and can find one trusting person with good credit to take out PPL with you. Try that. The federal government offers you a subsidized loan 3500 for freshman 4500 for sophmore 5500 for junior and senior year per year and you can take this loan without a cosigner. If you are inelgible for the PPL the federal governement offers you an unsubsidized loan, an additional 6000 every year. Rack those up first because their given by the fed. Govt. And you don't need a cosigner. Outside loans are extremely hard to get especially with the current economic recession. Many banks discontinued granting student loans even to individuals with credit. Be careful of processing loans online you don't want anyone stealing your idenity. I really wish I could help more. Try salliemae and if it doesn't help it can at least link you to other loan sources. I know exactly how you feel but keep your head up you will go to school and everything will turn out okay even if it sucks now.

God Bless

Earl Said:

are there any student loans for students with poor credit that don't have cosigners?

We Answered:

I am pretty sure that there is a loan that you can take out after you apply for FAFSA (about $3,000). Also, if you don't have a cosigner and need a loan, chances are you'd also get some sort of govt. scholarship in light of your financial situation.

Edgar Said:

Are student loans based on your credit score?

We Answered:

Depends. Federal loans? Yes. Private Student Loans? Possibly, but you might need a cosigner. Yoiu'll also get stuck w/ a high interest rate.

Also, have you applied for financial aid? Also, working w/ your financial aid office is helpful, as well.

Caroline Said:

where can i get a school loan or student credit card with poor credit?

We Answered: - try this service to boost you credit score before getting loan. After credit repair you can get the loan with minimal interest rate.

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