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Student Loans For Students

Christine Said:

Best company for giving out student loans?

We Answered:

If you can not attend college on your federal student loans and you grants and scholarships, its not a very good school. You can attend plenty of schools for what you get in federal aid without resorting to the world of sub-prime private student loans which will be the death of the US economy in a few years when all those folks who were suppose to start paying them back, can't. Because they were stupid and borrowed 120K to be a kinder garden teacher.

Teresa Said:

What is a good place that offers student loans for students that schools don't provide for programs.?

We Answered:

You can try Wells Fargo or Chase or any bank that offers student loans. I don't think that you can get your student loan once approved in a week because they have to check the status of your college and your enrollment. I may be wrong, but some banks are so dedicated that they do in a couple of days!

Good luck and remember to enjoy life :)

Daniel Said:

I want to know if anyone can help me. I received a letter for a offset for student loans on my taxes this year?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Harry Said:

How much were you eligible for in federal student loans for grad school?

We Answered:

As a grad student you are eligible for up to $8500 in Subsidized loans and $12,000 in Unsubsidized loans. You can find more information from which breaks down the loan limits and aggregate amounts you can receive. Also talk to your financial aid office for more information.

Congrats and good luck!

Eduardo Said:

Should government bail out students drowning in student loans?

We Answered:

YES! But I am only saying that because I have student loans to pay as well, lol.

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Student loans have become an easy endeavor. Many private banks and companies are offering loans. The procedure is simple as well even in Wells Fargo.

Mickey said:

Loan are crazy, they either help you greatly or chop you down when you start to work

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