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Student Loans Graduate School

Duane Said:

Can you defer paying your student loans while in graduate school ?

We Answered:

You are eligible for an in school deferment while you are attending school regardless of undergrad or grad. If there was a break in your attendance and your lender has informed you that you are in repayment, you will need to fill out the deferment form and submit it to the school to certify. Just take the aggregate loan limits into consideration. undergrad-57500 and grad is 138500<includes undergrad limit> Once you reach that limit you can no longer borrow federal Stafford student loans.

BTW- If you ever do go into default, there are ways you can become eligible again that are specific to your lender....

Sherri Said:

Student loans for graduate school?

We Answered:

As a graduate student you will be eligible for $20,500 of student loans per year from the fed. government.

$8,500 of these loans can be subsidized (interest paid by the govt while you are in school)

To qualify for the subsidized loans you need to demonstrate financial need, which you probably will if you go into graduate school straight out of undergrad. As the person above me stated, as a grad student you can file as independent, and unless you make a lot of money while you are attending school (which i doubt haha) then you will demonstrate enough financial need to get the subsidized loans.

Ashley Said:

What happens to my government consolidated student loans if I go back to graduate school?

We Answered:

When you go to graduate school, your loans will go on deferment. Just call them and let them know you are taking half time or more. They will reactivate your account.

Jeanette Said:

Do I have to make my student loan payments in graduate school?

We Answered:

No, you don't have to continue making payments on your student loans if you return to school. You have to contact the lender of your student loan (s) and request a deferment of your student loans, you might have to fill out some paperwork or submit proof that you will be enrolled in a degree program before your deferment is granted. I provided a link for you with general information, you should contact your lender to find out what they require. Good Luck!

Alma Said:

If You Go Onto Medical School Are Your Undergraduate Student Loans Still Due as Soon as You Graduate?

We Answered:

No, you can put off your loans for up to 6 months after finishing college, and if you re-enroll somewhere during that time (grad school, med school) you can put off your loans until you graduate from that school, and then you've got another 6 months after finishing med school before you have to start paying them back.

Viola Said:

Owe over $100K in students loans from graduate school. Are there any Student Loan Forgiveness programs there?

We Answered:

Well, consolidating your loans may be an option, but it simply gives you a different loan with different terms and a longer repayment than what you probably have now. And consolidation interest rates are no longer the bargain they were even a year ago. Look carefully at them before you leap.

Have you looked at income contingent repayment structures for your debt? If not, contact your servicer(s) now about this.

Loan forgiveness is generally associated with public service employment--teaching in low income areas, or teaching math and science in underserved areas, or by being part of Americorps. Again, contact your servicer, but you may find, to your regret, that you have overborrowed and are in repayment for the long haul or must commit to teaching for a number of years. Depending on your age, situation, and plans, you could also consider some of the military options where the Army, as well as a couple of other branches of the service may pay your loans for you while you are enlisted. But, and YMMV, if you don't want to serve your country, this is not the option you want to explore and commit to.

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