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Student Loans Help

Deanna Said:

Student Loans?

We Answered:

Hello how are you? is a site that will give you free information and advice regarding student loans, applying for them, paying them back and other alternatives to student loans. Good Luck! to you I hope this helps you.

Russell Said:

What student loans will accept MMI as a school?

We Answered:

Hope this helps,

Free College information on financial aid for students, scholarship, student loans and more.

Bobby Said:

Student loans!?

We Answered:

I am not sure what is paying for your school, but by filing out the FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application, it will tell you if you are eligible for Federal student loans, and grants. Of course, you would want to take the grants, as much as you can, and subsidize your income with the loans. if it gives you a choice of subsidized or unsubsidized Stafford loans, take the subsidized first, the government pays your interest while you are in school. You can fill a FAFSA out on-line. TERI loans that were mentioned earlier should only be taken out if you are turned down for these loans, they are private loans, a last resort only.

And the six month grace period is good for all federal student loans, plus there is an additional six years of nonpayment after that, three in deferment, three in forbearance, if you qualify.

Rick Said:

student loans?

We Answered:

You can get a list of all his loans from his school's financial aid office. They can also give you advice on how to consolidate loans. If he has a whole bunch of federal loans, the government does offer a way to consolidate them. If he has federal loans, go to and login. There will be an option to consolidate loans. If he has more than federal loans, many banks and companies offer consolidation of loans ay lower interest rates. My favorite is citibank through their program called citiassist, this can be access at There are many others. I receive offers in the mail constantly, and I'm only a junior in college. I hope this info helps!

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