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Student Loans Nd

Dennis Said:

im not being accepted for any student loans r there any other options?

We Answered:

Talk to your school's financial aid office. They may be able to help. Students aren't expected to have credit yet, and hopefully your parents' bad credit won't be held against you.

Try applying for scholarships, grants, etc.

Good luck!

Adrian Said:

Can you get 2 student loans for 2 different schools?

We Answered:

Yes you can get two student loans from two different schools, just not for the same semester. No you won't have to start all over for nursing, many of the classes will prob count towards your prerequisite classes for nursing.

Sally Said:

i will attempt to by a house in 6mo.// i nd 2 know who can erase my bad credit from my credit report.?

We Answered:

People will tell you that it is not possible. But the fact is it can be done. I am willing to help you but will need more info. I have been doing this for free for a few years. Contact me at

I can give you the proper forms needed and tips for fast repair. You will have to follow through with the tips and info. You can do everything a credit repair company can do but you need to know how and you need to know a few tricks.

I am not selling anything just being helpful

Good Luck

Shawn Said:

Does the conservatives idea of ending tax credits scare you?And university student loans?

We Answered:


Another reason not to vote conservative!

Jack Said:

my student loans are in debt.?

We Answered:

Student loans are debt, yours are in default. The only thing you can do, is make consistent monthly payments and bring your loans out of default status. Once your loans are current again, you will be eligible for further financial aid. The loans do not have to be paid off before you can qualify for more aid, they just have to be current. With only $5,000 in debt, your monthly payments would be quite low ($50 maximum). Contact the lender and let them know what happened, and that you really want to be able to bring your loans current again. If you have police documentation, tell them that you have this evidence and ask how many months of current payments will bring your loans out of default (so that you can estimate when you can qualify for further financial aid to go back to school). Good luck to you.

Mildred Said:

Im entering 2nd yr of college and i cant get a private loan w/o a cosigner any ideas im bout to be kicked out?

We Answered:

Doesn't Federal Stafford loans let you borrow until you graduate why cant you continue to get??

Alberto Said:

Question about Student Loans?

We Answered:

You will be expected to start making your regualar monthly payments usually 6 months after dropping out. You can ask your lenders to issue you a forbearance, but unless you've got something wrong with you, I'd save these for a real emergency. (Getting sick and hospitalized, laid off from your job, new baby, and such) You are only allow so much time to defer and even if later you do REALLY have an issue come up, you would still have to pay.

If I were rich, I'd do a study to prove that those who are more likely to drop out (or never come back) to college, is students responsible for car payments. Don't buy a car if you will then be responsible for paying on it.... your chances of graduating will decrease to almost nothing.

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When you go for student loan remember one thing they ask you about your property and other things for verification.If you really need this then go for it.

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