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Student Loans No Credit Check

Megan Said:

Best student loans that don't require credit check?

We Answered:

If a loan company is willing to give you a loan without a credit check be careful because more times then not the interest rates will be sky high. There are plenty of loans you can get with a co-signer. Many loans you can get and not start paying on them until you graduate. There are so many options you just have to look wisely. Stratford Loans are good, and always apply for a Pell Grant it is not worth much but every little bit helps. I am in school now, but I have a college fund, a lot of my friends don't so they have this problem to. I just suggest staying away from places like Astrive and other loan companies like that. Good luck.

Lois Said:

Does anyone know about no credit check no income check student loans?

We Answered:

No Credit Check but they do see if you qualify in income bracket most do..

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Student Loans Where No Credit Check is Necessary
Your Credit History Affects Lending

If you have no credit established, as is the case with most new borrowers and college-age students, it does not necessarily preclude you from borrowing money toward college. No credit is typically better than bad, but many institutions require co-signers for either situation.

Before we explore credit-based student loans, let's look at what you already have available that requires no credit check at all:

Federal Stafford Loans, subsidized and unsubsidized
Federal Perkins Loans
other government and state-funded loans
Pell Grant and other government grants
private grants and scholarships

Grants and Scholarships Require No Credit Check
The federal Pell Grant has limited uses. Only students who are the neediest receive Pell Grants. However, there are countless other sources for grants and scholarships. These programs require no credit checks. Scholarships are often awarded on merit and grants on need.

Check with your state government's education fund. Many states offer a slew of specialized grants and scholarships you may be eligible for.
Pursuing a special degree such as business or health sciences? Many organizations and professional societies offer valuable grants and scholarships for students who will pursue certain professions. For example, nurses continue to be in short supply and in answer to the impending shortages, the government and private organizations offer nursing students grants, scholarships and student loans, in return in most cases for service in medically underserved areas. The same may be true of students studying to be teachers.

Federal Loans
The first loan any student should apply for, credit or no credit, is the Stafford Loan. Any financial aid advisor should tell you that. The subsidized Stafford Loan is designed for only the most financially needy students. And the government picks up the tab for interest repayment until the borrower has graduated and assumes normal repayment of the loan.

The unsubsidized Stafford Loan is also a non-credit based loan, but this "flavor" of Stafford loan is open to any type of student regardless of financial need. In the case of the unsubsidized Stafford loan, students are responsible for all interest that accrues.

The challenge with the Stafford loans is that in most cases the amount awarded is meager. For this reason the business of alternative student loans (credit based) has become big business, along with the consolidation loans necessary to keep borrowers from delinquency and default. Read more on Stafford Loans.

The Perkins Loan is awarded to students who prove the greatest financial need and offers annual loans from $1,000 to $4,000 and a nine month grace period following graduation. Awards provided by Perkins Loans are typically a combination of government funds and funds from the college to which you are applying.

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